Street Proven Draw Skills

No respectable instructor teaches something because they think it’s stupid.…

No respectable instructor teaches something because they think it’s stupid. However, many techniques are taught as some merely “recycle” what they have learned elsewhere without understanding why it is taught or used. “I learned this at a course recently and its really cool!” so to speak.  For years I have advocated an evaluation anyone can use to determine if a technique is right for them.

Three S Test
Does the technique make Sense to the student? Knowledge is gained via two methods; life experience and training, and both are based on how long you have been on this earth. If a technique does not make sense to you, go to the instructor and ask them for assistance. After a demonstration/explanation the technique still falls short, it might not be for you.

Is the technique Simple to do? If it is difficult in the gym or on the range, does anyone really think it will get easier in the middle of a fight? It’s hard to argue that simple things are easier to do under stress and I have never heard anyone say that their blood pressure lowered in combat. In addition, simple techniques are easier to practice and practice offers confidence that the technique will work when needed. Confidence in a fight is a huge advantage!

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