Kimber Gold Combat II

Strike 1911 Gold | Custom Kimber Gold Combat II .45 Handgun

Blast through Vickers’ high-octane warrior course with a CUSTOM KIMBER GOLD COMBAT II .45 handgun!

All of the go and none of the show—the Kimber Custom Shop builds the Gold Combat II from parts made together and hand-fitted. It features a match-grade barrel, Micarta grips, and a KimPro II finish.

Within a modern shooting market saturated by instructors of varying experience levels and endless manufacturer’s claims of technical prowess, expert instructors like Larry Vickers are as rare and as welcome as a Titanic lifeboat. I arrived in North Carolina with a Kimber Gold Combat II and a big box of ammo to shoot the Vickers Tactical Advanced Pistol course, and I would leave with a re-grounding in fundamentals and an appreciation for studying with a master.

Vickers isn’t simply a decorated combat veteran. He’s a shooter’s shooter as well as an accomplished pistolsmith. He’s also a 20-year veteran of the U.S. Army Special Forces, many spent with the 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment (1st SFOD-Delta). But his influence can be felt broadly today from his consulting work for Heckler & Koch (HK416, HK417 and HK45 pistol), SureFire lights, Schmidt & Bender scopes, Daniel Defense carbines and Blue Force Tactical Gear, as well as numerous weapons-related TV appearances. Oh yeah, he also was a founder of the International Defensive Pistol Association and is the namesake of the Vickers scoring system. Despite all this, students of his courses will always get a pure, unfiltered, down-to-earth Larrry Vickers.

The Vickers Tactical Advanced Pistol course is advertised as a three-day master-level shooting course. Hosted by Grey Group Training at the U.S. Training Center in Moyock, North Carolina, the facility is ideal for this type of instruction. The range has paper, steel, obstacles, poppers, and best of all, moving steel targets. Shooters came from as far away as Michigan and Utah, and all walks of life, ranging from active LEOs to civilians. Many had taken several courses with Vickers and their level of proficiency would reflect it. However, the scenarios in this course and Vickers’ expectations would challenge us all.

Gold Combat II

There is no small amount of pressure in showing up to a Larry Vickers course with a 1911 .45 ACP. There are few things both in the mechanics and operation of this weapon system that Vickers does not understand. Failures in either the pistol’s function or my handling would be immediately obvious. To answer this challenge, I carried the Kimber Gold Combat II 1911.

The Gold Combat II is built entirely in Kimber’s Custom Shop. The parts for each gun are manufactured together and individually hand-fitted. The production time for a Custom Shop gun is more than twice that of a similar production model. Kimber considers the Gold Combat II the apex of the defensive carry pistol. They set out to design the finest full-sized 1911 possible with “all of the go and none of the show.”

The Gold Combat II is an all-steel, full-sized 1911 .45 ACP. It features a deep-crowned, match-grade, bushing-less stainless steel bull barrel with a match-grade chamber that is fitted directly to the slide. The slide features front and rear cocking serrations and French shoulders that match nicely to the frame. The pistol has three-dot night sights and a flat top.

Anchored by the stiff and rugged Ares Gear Ranger belt, the holster was a solid platform draw after draw.

The frame’s frontstrap has 24-LPI checkering, and the high-cut triggerguard has 30-LPI checkering. Additionally, the Gold Combat II has a match-grade trigger, ambidextrous thumb safety, and an extended and beveled magazine well. The frame is finished in KimPro II, a self-lubricating matte black finish resistant to moisture and salt.

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