SUPER QUICK CLEAN GUNS’ Micro-Lube Total Gun Care Solution

SUPER QUICK CLEAN GUNS™ “Your Total Gun Care Solution”™ is…


SUPER QUICK CLEAN GUNS™ “Your Total Gun Care Solution”™ is a true CLP+ solvent. Formulated by an NRA Certified Instructor, it reduces your firearm cleaning time in half and you only need one product. It cleans with a penatrant, no ammonia or harsh chemicals to worry about. Safe to clean and lube the actions of all firearms. The Micro-Lube, when dry, leaves no oil residue to attract dust or dirt. Also, skin oils will not penetrate the Micro-Lube allowing rust to form. It removes existing rust and dissipates moisture as well. It will “Restore, Renew, Rejuvenate”™ your old guns better than any product you have tried before.

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  • Chris

    WOW!! I had the day off and needed to clean my turkey gun and skeet gun so I ran to the store to grab some supplies to get the job done. The guy at the store asked if I had ever used
    Super QCG and recomended it highly.
    I went outside as I normaly do and tore apart my A390 semi auto 12 ga. started by spraying every thing with QCG I noticed the powder residue started to come off as I set the parts down. This stuff works with no smell (wd 40 has a stronger smell)this stuff is like battery acid to the black residue but it acts like wd40 to the wood,plastic and metal. spray wipe and assemble
    I ended up cleaning 6 guns and I still have 3/4 of a bottle left for the next time. I will be using this all the time!! thank you for a great product chris