Velocities were measured with a Master Chrony Beta chronograph. As…

Velocities were measured with a Master Chrony Beta chronograph. As with all high-rate-of-fire weapons, velocities climbed as much as 70 fps with the same load as the gun got hotter. Oleg Volk Photo

Over the past six decades, Remington has earned a reputation as the sportsman’s firearms maker. The Model 700 bolt-action rifle, the 870 pump-action shotgun and the “11” series of semi-auto shotguns have been carried into the field by millions of hunters worldwide. Stepping back in time, Remington Arms has a history of providing military pistols, rifles and shotguns for American and Allied forces for more than 11 decades up through WW II.

superior-rsass-b The author and JP Enterprises’ owner John Paul Gangl shot several groups with a production RSASS, with all 5-shot groups averaging .883-inch. Oleg Volk Photo

In 2007, when Freedom Group purchased Remington Arms, they joined DPMS Panther Arms, Bushmaster, and two years later, Advanced Armament Corporation, premier maker of suppressors. Today, Remington Defense serves to garner military contracts by putting together weapons systems with components provided by the various companies. This collaboration has led to the latest weapon system, the Remington Semi Automatic Sniper System (RSASS).

superior-rsass-cMatthew Gangl Photo

At the helm of this new venture is Mike Haugen, vice president of Remington Defense. He spent 26 years in the U.S. Army, the last 17 of which were in Special Forces. “I spent a considerable amount of time as a sniper and sniper instructor during my time in Special Forces,” Haugen said. “My last four years specifically, I ran all of our advanced combat skills which included sniper training and urban combat courses.”

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  • james

    tim u simply FU#kn LIE.

  • no anyone can by one

  • i just biught the new 2011 kel-tec 12 gauge ksg i never in my life have fired a finer shotgun in 12 gauge that is.smooth cyclic rate i put a crimson trace mvf-515 vertical grip on it and an aimpoint t-1 red dot,and black 2 point qiuck release bungee sling.the world of bullpup’s are here my friend’s it’s not just a passing phase as many of us thought it would be.I hated at first got my 1975 romanian ak-47 bullpup,from there on out pure history my fellow reader’s then i got that commerative msar (MICROTECH)aug in army digital pattern.four magazine’s one 40 rd. one 30,one20, and then i chose a ten round for sniping.just in case i wanna throw the old bipod on.then i got the kel-tec rfb in 308 smooth as butter.the only down side i was on a 13 month waiting list,listen to the wise get your ksg 12 gauge know or prepare to wait.tim kiniery aka t-bone out

  • phil rolland

    Where can you purchase one of these and how much are they? Is this military issue only?

  • i own this fine piece of weaponary truly amazing out to a thousand yards