Survival Comfort: Heated Gloves from Mountain Hardwear

Who said survival excursions have to be uncomfortable? The geniuses…


Who said survival excursions have to be uncomfortable? The geniuses at Mountain Hardwear make surviving in the cold quite accommodating with their new Red Savina Heated Glove. Not only is this glove sure to keep your most important extremities warm, its technology is incredibly advanced due to a system that reacts to the temperature of the hand to maintain a warm and comfortable climate. The light and flexible heating layer is housed in a protective polyurethane film within the glove. The system is made up of three lightweight, low profile and flexible lithium polymer batteries, each weighing 7 grams to provide heat to the fingers and palm. The gloves are designed to provide up to 6 hours of continuous heat, and they come with a charger. Available in men’s and women’s versions.

The glove will be available in August 2008 with a pricetag of $300.00. For more information, check out

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  • Steve Evans

    More and more Co’s are coming out with electric heated gloves, but we consumers need professional reviews of all of them from magazines such as Outside, or Consumer Reports. There is another Co who makes a $400 !!!

  • Darryl Collins

    Geez,I was excited until I read the price tag.Too rich for me.

  • They look great but $300.00 for them is a bit steep. They would need a lifetime guarentee for me.