Tactical Gear Storage System

TGS (Tactical Gear Storage) is a subdivision of SecureIt Tactical…

TGS (Tactical Gear Storage) is a subdivision of SecureIt Tactical Inc, the industry leader in next generation weapon storage systems and armory design.

The modernization of our nations security and law enforcement forces has created a high demand for innovative weapon and gear storage. TGS was created to meet this need. Military grade weapon storage wrapped in an affordable all steel locking cabinet provides a new level of cost-effective, versatile and secure storage solutions. Secureittactical.com.



• Efficient and Economical: TGS Cabinets provide flexible storage solutions in an affordable all steel cabinet. Internal shelves and components easily adjust to provide a new level of organizational efficiency. Seamless integration with SecureIt Tactical’s patent pending saddle system provides military grade weapons storage.

• Adaptable Storage Stores all law enforcement weapon systems, ammunition and gear

• Customizable Components Internal components adjust without tools to meet your ever
changing needs

• Operational Efficiency Improves productivity, audits and inventory control

• Rapid Access Capability Quick issue ability for SWAT and rapid response teams

TGS–4800 Stackable storage cabinet for 12 rifles or shotguns
TGS–1500 Organized storage for 12 rifles or
TGS–2500 Storage cabinet for 6 rifles or shotguns and tactical gear
TGS–4500 Double row, high-density storage for 24 rifles or shotguns
TGS–150 Organized storage cabinet for tactical gear and ammo
TGS–Expandable Open racking with add-on options for secured areas

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  • Tom

    TGS cabinets range from $700 – $1350. The TGS 1500 – pictured at the top of this page is $983.64. This is roughly half the price of other military style weapon storage systems and a lot more flexible.

    We are very happy with the response we have received about the TGS line of weapon and gear storage products.

  • JJ

    How much are they, I cant find any cost associated with these???

  • Dave

    Our department has one of these. Far superior to other weapon storage out there, specifically the adjustabilty. Thumbs up.