Tactical Rifles Coonan Firepower

Tactical Rifles and Coonan Inc. have joined forces to offer…

Tactical Rifles and Coonan Inc. have joined forces to offer a 7.62mm bolt-acton rifle (shown here with a Leupold Mark 4 6.5-20x scope mounted) and a .357 Mag 1911 pistol in a unique package that is accurate.

The package deal is not a new concept. For decades manufacturers have been coupling different products together to offer the customer a unique combination. Add to this list of companies Tactical Rifles and Coonan.

The Tactical Rifles Coonan Custom Package couples one of Tactical Rifles’ new Chimera bolt-action 7.62mm rifles with a Coonan, Inc. .357 Mag pistol. The guns are finished identically and offered in one case as a matched set. At this writing they are planning a limited production run of 100 matched sets—in these pages you’ll get the first look at set Number One!

The Coonan pistol shares features with the M1911A1, but shooting this handgun proves it’s much more than a run-of-the-mill 1911 — it’s chambered in .357 Mag.

Aiming to optimize the performance of the 7.62mm round, the rifle is built around Tactical Rifles’ fluted Chimera bolt.

This custom package arrives in a Mil-spec Hardigg case. The foam insert is laser-cut to accept and store each component in its proper place. If all this wasn’t enough, Tactical Rifles will make a $250 donation to the NRA with each rifle/pistol combo they sell. If you have the means and the desire, don’t wait. Call them today and order yours. You will not be disappointed.

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