TACVIEW 2600 Pole Mounted IR/Color Camera

The TacView 2600 is a pole mounted, IR/color camera that…

The TacView 2600 is a pole mounted, IR/color camera that can monitor areas in full room light or total darkness.  The camera head size is 2” in diameter with built in auto on/off IR LEDs and is strong enough to break and rake a window!

taview2The 2600 includes an extension pole that allows viewing into a second story window or onto the roof of a one-story building from ground level.  In addition, its camera head will detach and may be clamped onto the top of a shield or hidden and linked to a 100 foot cable (included) that will let you discretely (and safely) watch your objective behind cover 100  feet away.

It includes a  6.5″ TFT LCD color monitor which allows crisp details to be displayed.  It is easily cleaned and is weather resistant.  The TacView is capable of sustaining drops from at least six (6) feet onto a concrete surface.  The TacView is sturdy and extremely durable.

TacView is approved for purchase using U.S. Homeland Security Grant Money and is Texas DPA approved for purchase using Texas Homeland Security Grant Money.

– Total Weather Proofing
– Working Temperature -4 F to 167 Degree F
– 100 Feet of Extension Cord for Discreet Remote Surveillance
– Chest Mount Harness and  Rear Vest Mount
– Two (2) NiMH Rechargeable Batteries plus Lithium and AA Batteries as emergency Back-up
– Remote Control to Dim the Monitor
– The Camera Head is state-of-the-art Color and IR combination camera engine

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  • Jackie

    Okay, how is that better than a weapon mounted camera, that feeds the image to your headset?


  • Would be nice if it was just the LCD that could be mounted to the webbing on the vest.

    I would rather the camera get shot instead of my head.

  • Mr.T

    Its a pretty good idea, it would be nice if it saved lives rather than took them, but then the focus moves to; who’s using it and what is there ideology?
    With police still doing what the federal reserve says anyone who doesn’t agree with them is in danger.

  • Alexi Strigoii

    I meant to say “guy behind the shield carrier”

  • Alexi Strigoii

    I would make a variant of this that could be mounted on the front of a riot shield so the guy behind the shield can see what’s going on infront of the shield and still keep his head down…