TAPCO 30rd AK-74 Magazine

The new TAPCO 30rd AK magazine offers the next generation…

The new TAPCO 30rd AK magazine offers the next generation of technology to feed your Kalashnikov.  Designed with horizontal exterior grooves to offer increased styling and gripping surface, our magazine features a heavy duty spring and an anti-tilt follower for increased reliability.  Constructed of reinforced composite with a metal floorplate.  Fits the AK-74 using 5.45 x 39mm ammunition.  The magazine counts as 3 Sec. 922r Compliance Parts (when inserted into your rifle) and is backed by TAPCO’s lifetime guarantee.

Packaged in:
•    Branded Hanging Bag
•    Cases of 20
•    Works with:
•    5.45 x 39mm AK-74 Rifles
•    Vertical Grips
•    Speed Loaders
•    Stripper Clips

MSRP     $15.99

MAP     $13.59

Item     #MAG0631

Click image for a more detailed description. Tapco.com.


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  • HyperSniper

    Got the AK-47 version. It needed considerable modification and i still wasn’t happy. Ended up selling them on ebay and buying Circle 10’s instead.

  • usmcgunny0369

    I have the 7.62×39 versions and they are excellent. Mine too were difficult to lock-in at first but once they have been worked in and out a few times, they adjust theirselves to your particular weapon.

  • MarWMU

    These TAPCO mags are excellent, much lighter than traditional AK mags and TAPCO warranty’s their products. I had to do a bit of modification, grind down the locking tab, to get it to seat fully in my rifle, but Tapco does this on purpose so that it will fit into rifles with wider tolerances. These are excellent magazines and I plan to buy more