Officers can deploy the Taser AXON system in unconventional ways,…

Officers can deploy the Taser AXON system in unconventional ways, using the camera and monitor to see threats around corners.

To help protect officers by keeping a record of their actions, many departments started deploying dashboard cameras, which have saved officers’ lives, careers and many departments millions of dollars. The limitation of a dashboard camera, however, is that it can’t follow an officer on a foot pursuit and its static position inhibits a full viewing of what actually occurs.

In the last few years, Taser has created and deployed personal video cameras that are worn by law enforcement officers to offer the viewer the incident from the officer’s perspective.

Taser AXON
Taser, well known for state-of-the-art law enforcement tools, has created the AXON, a video system that “brings the power of incident point of view.” The camera is worn on the officer’s head and according to Taser, captures “90 percent more coverage than dash cameras. Video is captured from the officer’s point of view, providing footage of exactly what the officer saw during the incident.”

Taser’s AXON system includes a headset camera, a GPS-synced COM Hub, and the ATC monitor.

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