TAURUS 22 PLY and 25 PLY

  Taurus' new ultra-light polymer semi-autos are available in double-action…


Taurus’ new ultra-light polymer semi-autos are available in double-action only .25 ACP (25PLY) and .22 LR (22PLY). These pistols incorporate sleek new lines and full body contouring for improved grip and handling. Weighing in at a mere 10.8 ounces these light and fast backups are definite must-haves.

Offered in standard blue steel finish the 22PLY has an 8+1 capacity and the 25PLY has a 9+1 capacity. Blowback action and tip-up barrel provide safety and convenience during loading and chambering of the first round. Measuring just 5.33 inches long, these sidearms do not feel awkward like so many small pistols. New ergonomic design features include a curved and extended trigger for added finger purchase and extended magazine base for more grip. Additional features include trigger guard mounted magazine release, magazine disconnect and manual safety.

Standard for all Taurus models is the unique Taurus Security System® that allows users to securely lock the gun using an inconspicuous key-lock. Available now.

For more information on this and other Taurus products, visit www.taurususa.com.

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  • Roddmann

    The barrel is shorter than the standard PT and that’s good. Unfortunately, the grip is the same length as the standard PT and that’s bad. In my opinion, this would be a better little pocket pistol if they had shortened the grip too.

  • guillermo franco

    i want to know the selling price of the taurus ply 22lr
    thanks guillermo

  • rogertc1

    I got a yellow and blue/black (Yes, molded yellow plastic.) 22ply pistol at a gun show this week end. Interesting gun that feels and looks like a toy. I had to get it. Only $211 out the door with tax.

  • dave

    The PT22 mags fit and fire just fine in the PLY.

  • dave

    Just bought one from Bud’s – $201 and no shipping charge – it’s astonishingly accurate – I was popping dandelions at 25 yards. Buy one.

  • Needhlp20

    Got one at the gunshow last weekend. pt-22ply with a stainless slide. Taurus has the mags for the metal frames but nobody will tell me if the fit the poly.

  • garry graham

    where is taurus ply 25 feb 26 2011 cant find one gun shop thinks i am full of s—!

  • Brian Pope

    Well they started appearing last week and I was lucky enough to find one in the entire Bill Goodmans gun and knife show and got it for $220. I was extremely happy. It is in 22lr now the hard part of finding extra magazines.

  • Paul Schimpf

    Apparently still unobtainium. Is this going into production or not?

  • Dave

    December 2010 and still no sign of these. Glad I haven’t been waiting since 2009!

  • Sorry about that. That was worded wrong. The Taurus 22PLY and 25PLY will not be available until third quarter of 2010

  • I spoke with a Taurus rep and told me the 25PLY will become is not being released until third quarter of 2010.

  • also in the market for this gun, with no luck on finding any haha.

  • MJR

    One more thing, I think that the polymer frame is a a good idea since it can flex under pressure. I’m looking forward to picking up a couple if they are ever delivered to us.

  • MJR

    I’m just wondering if I’m ever gonna see one of these. My wife wants one as a back up. I think they would be cool with a second six inch long target barrel for practice time, and even a threaded one for a silencer. The new polymer one is a lot more attractive to me than the older metal ones. Its sleek, tactical looking and I like how the trigger guard comes all the way out to the end of the gun. It looks more ergonomic than my Ruger LCP.

    I have done a little looking and it seems that its hard to make a good 22 rimfire pistol that is a small pocket gun like this. Maybe because its a revolver cartridge. I’ve heard its a lot to do with how much gunk the spent cartridge leaves after you’ve put 75- 100 rounds through it. Malfunctions seem to be common for all pistol brands not just the pot metal satuday night specials. Beretta 21a, Taurus PT-22, Walther TPH, Pheonix arms HP22A, Jimenez arms JA-22, Jennings J-22. They all seem to have problems. And in every forum people will tell you to clean them during range time. WHAT!!? I have even read of a revolver owner expressing the need to clean the cylinders during actual use.

    I’ve decided that the cartridge can’t be to blame because my wife and I own a S&W 22a and a Ruger Mark II and have put tens of thousands of rounds through them without cleaning them and never had a malfunction. Those are full size guns though. It has to be the design of these tiny guns. The extraction and feeding of the guns should be looked at by the designers. If it can be done in a big gun it should be possible to scale it down to this pocket size. This makes sense logically. Right?

    Perhaps these gun companies have not been trying hard enough. There are many, many full size 22lr auto pistols out there that function flawlessly dirty or not. They took the time to develop the other guns that they sell but maybe not these. Now that people are carrying two or sometimes three guns maybe things will improve.

  • MJR

    Yeah. I have been looking for this gun also to no avail. I want this to partner with my carry piece. It would be cool if they came with a second longer barrel for target practice. I like the tactical look. These two are nicer to look at than the lot of current pt22 and pt25 styles. I’ve just naturally considered that pearl grips are for girls. This also looks better to me than a Beretta bobcat 21a

  • P W Holdridge

    Taurus 25 PLY – Great looking gun, but I’m getting tired of looking for it for sale. Any suggestions as to where to look?