TAURUS’ 709 “Slim” Concealed Carry Pistol

“SLIM” is the name of this suave new entry into…

“SLIM” is the name of this suave new entry into the Taurus line. Elegant in Blue, Stainless and Titanium this small, single action/double action offers incredible performance in a lean, lightweight handgun design.  See a COMBAT HANDGUNS review of this gun!

No revealing lumps or lines makes concealed carry easier than that larger capacity gun you already have. Cool, neat and ready to go— the Taurus SLIM will be your companion for a long time to come.

FEATURES of the 709 SLIM:
– Subdued, Yet Functional Grip Texturing
– Finger Indexing Taurus Memory Pad™ Along the Frame Provides an Automatic
Finger Locator for Safe Firearm Handling.
– NEW Trigger Safety
– Lean, Lightweight Design
– Manual Safety
– Easy Takedown
– Short, Crisp SA/DA Trigger Pull
– Low-Profile Sights for Easy/Comfortable Concealment Carry

For more information on this and other Taurus products, visit www.taurususa.com

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  • dan

    holster for 709 slim i just bough from gander mountain hk1 paddle holster works great about $30.00

  • Ernie F.

    Love the slim handgun. I need some info on a good holster for the slim. Any help would be appreciated.

  • JD

    I have had approx. 1700 rounds through my Taurus PT709 with no failures or problems. I would highly recommend this for someone looking for a inexpensive slim concealed carry weapon. Remember also that all new Taurus’ come with a lifetime warranty regardless of the owner. So that means you can purchase a used one and 5 years later need warranty work and they will warranty work it. It is not as polished as the Kahr PM9 or Walther PPS but if you shop around you can find the Taurus PT709 new for around $350 which is almost 1/2 the cost of the PM9 and PPS.

  • Anthony G

    I purchased the 709 this weekend and took it to the range Saturday. I really can’t say there’s anything I don’t like about this pistol. It’s slim, fits my hand well, is very accurate for a 3.2″ barrel and appears to be very well designed and well built. The safety features are great. Recoil was very manageable. 50 rounds of inexpensive Monarch 115gr ammo through it without a single problem (with the exception of one dud primer – Monarch’s problem). Field stripping is completely simple and easy to put back together. Now if somebody will just make and extended magazine for it, it would be near perfect.

  • Sean B

    What is this trend with not even offering DAO anymore as an option. I will be more than happy to buy one of these, as I am a longtime Taurus fan, when and only when they offer it in DAO or at least SA/DA where the SA can be decocked.

  • Ferreo

    How does the slim carry on an ankel holster?

  • aric

    Contrary to what Techsan, it is both a single-action and double-action pistol. If a single action firing fails for whatever reason, the gun is in double-action mode and you can re-fire the cartridge without re-cocking.

  • I purchased mine last month, and have shot 140 rounds so far with no problems. It shoots low and the rear sight doesn’t adjust very much. Was shooting at 25 feet and it shoots very good, but it is not a target pistol. I wanted a pistol that was concealable and this met the needs.

  • Larry N

    I have had my slim for almost 2 months now. I am in love with it. It is just a bit heavier than I had hope (as I carry in ankle holster) but other than that it is fantastic. shoots very accurately.

  • Techsan

    I’ve heard a lot of people call this a single action/double action pistol. This is a single action only pistol. When you rack the slide to chamber the first round, it is fully cocked. If you engage the manual thumb safety, it is effectively “cocked and locked”.

  • Jerry O.

    Excellent pocket pistol. Lives up to it’s SLIM name. The perfect 9mm carry gun.

  • I have owned my pt 709 for about a month, and I have shot about 300 rounds and no poblems at all. Great gun.

  • mike

    i just bought mine today, i love the feel, its alot thinner then my other guns this is prefext for me being a skinny guy who doesnt wear big shirts. yay for a good carry weapon

  • capnkirktm

    I’m so glad they got rid their old trigger design, thats the biggest complaint I have of many taurus guns. If this new trigger is any better I think you can expect to see these fly off the shelves.

  • This Looks to ‘ BLOCKY ‘ !……….. I want the original version .

  • Does anyone knows when will this available in the Philippines? and if so, the authorized dealer. I surely appreciate any info. thanks

  • Sebastian

    I think I liked the smoother looking frame of the original design, but it looks like this is going to be a little thinner than the rounded grip of the original design. While the thin grip is easier to conceal, I’m wondering if this new design is harder on the hand than the original, because the thin grip on my LCP and on the P3AT’s I’ve shot have been murder on the hand in extended shooting, and that’s just a wimpy .380. I like the addition of the trigger safety, and (I know it’s not new) I love that this thing has a thumb safety with SA/DA. Taurus guns have excellent features.

  • I was looking foward to a simple,smart,clean 9mm pocket pistol, but now it is a slightly smaller remake of the pt 111.

  • jim H

    Well with some thought….. the newer version definitely has a better looking slide and trigger guard….. it will get the hand closer to the bore axis…. I like the sub flush slide release…. I like it better the more I look at it…… just wish I could could get my hands on one….

  • tom b

    This long-rumored gun has sure had a makeover. You can still see the original at taurusarms.com if you put 709 in the model search.

    I too, like the looks of the earlier model better.

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  • jim

    No ! I want the original Version I saw before !!!

  • Jim

    Where can this be purchased? My local dealers say it’s not even in the Taurus catalog.
    I’m in the Akron,Ohio area.

  • joe

    I like this version much better than the original, which looked generic (cheap and plain) to me. This looks modern–like the new slim Walther PPS. I’ve never bought a 1st generation gun, but if this comes out in titanium, I might have to try it out…though the P3AT made me sell all my other not so small subcompacts (p9 & pm9).

  • George M

    Yikes is right! What happened to that smooth pocket pistol I was waiting for … I hope it hasn’t grown any … I’m looking for a handsized sub-compact 9mm for my pocket … the original version seems so much ‘handier’.

  • Mark

    i have had this on order for six months, when will it be available?

  • Yikes……. the first version was much prettier…… why add a trigger safety? It has an external safety….