Make way for the lightest Taurus firearms ever created. The…

Make way for the lightest Taurus firearms ever created. The 8.5-ounce 738 TCP (Taurus Compact Pistol) in titanium slide and 10.2-ounce 738 TCP in blue and stainless slide are not only the lightest semi-autos in the Taurus line; they are lighter than any of Taurus’ small frame revolvers too. The TCP offers 6+1 shots of .380 ACP or 8+1 shots with an included extended magazine, durable polymer frame and low-profile fixed sights.

738ti_right.jpgAvailable in blued, stainless or an even more lightweight titanium slide version, the TCP has a reliable, short, crisp single action/double action trigger pull. No detail was spared in the creation of the feature-laden model including ambidextrous magazine release, unique fish-scale pattern on the slide for positive pull and functioning and generously sized trigger-guard for quick, intuitive access.

Standard safety features for the TCP include a visual and tactile loaded chamber indicator and the unique Taurus Security System® that allows users to securely lock the gun using an inconspicuous key-lock. Available Summer 2009.

For more information on this and other other Taurus products, visit www.taurususa.com.

Read our review of the Taurus 738 TCP .380 ACP by clicking here.

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  • Dennis

    Bought this gun for wife, now I want one To replace my Ruger. We have had it to the range three times preparing the wife for concealed carry permit. We have put 380 rounds of different ammo, FMJ, JHP both cheap and high quality rounds. We have not had one gun related issue. The gun is accurate and reliable. Build quality is above the other pocket pistols in this class and it has more features than the others as well. I installed the Crimson Trace laser and it was sighted spot on out of the box. Now all that is left is an extended mag so I can get two full fingers on the grip. Trigger pull is smooth and consistent. This gun shoots great with any ammo loaded into it. If it were not for the lavender color I would keep this one as my own. I did clean and lube this gun before firing off any rounds. It is easy to break down for cleaning and even easier to clean.

  • Robby G

    I bought the TCP 738(serial number ending A) at a local gun show about 2 months ago, It would not chamber any ammo of any kind. I went to a local gun dealer, looked at another TCP 780 and saw the barrel ramp looked nothing like mine, found out it had never been through the milling process at the factory. I sent it to Taurus and could not be happier with the service. I have owned several Taurus hand guns and it seems like every one I have had there has been a problem with them, at first but with Taurus backing what they build, I haven’t had a problem when the gun came back to me.

  • There is really nothing complicated about returning one for warranty repair/service first contact Taurus customer service at provided number and they will either give you the details or arrange a pick up (next day air) all depends on your luck of the draw ,who you talk to and how you present yourself and nature of the problem(s) I had my 738 picked up and returned to me next day air both ways in one week exactly! The gun was thoroughly cleaned adjustments reset to spec all at no charge plus it turned out my particular problem was was my fault all caused by the shoot -thru wallet holster I was using altering my grip enough to not give me a solid firm grip on the gun which this type of small 380 needs to operate smoothly I will be retesting (shooting it again as soon as I can settle in at my new job; of course I will post a range report right after! If you also bought one don’t despair! Just clean it thoroughly ,grease the slide and polish the feed ramp and you should have a reliable pocket popper!! I found just as much or more trash talk about kimbers ultra -carry model before buying mine .i now have@400rounds thru it &qualified high(best of class)whenusing it to qualify for my concealed carry permit I am extremely happy with it and trust it they too need affirm grip solid resistance to recoil against an no limp wristing!!! All shooting one handed only as I am now forced to do

  • Brian

    Picked up the TCP at a gunshow yesterday. After getting home and reading several scathing reviews I was scared I had made a mistake. I noticed several recommendations to clean the gun good before using it. I cleaned it up and fired 20 rounds or so today of PMC and Hornady Critical Defense mixed. It ran flawlessly. This will not be replacing my G27 in .40 for most days but sometimes you need that extra concealment and I will not feel disadvantaged with my new Taurus.

  • got my little .380 last week. FTF first time. Tried three other brands of ammo. Same results. Shoots fine. No problems. Seems to fail to feed when the magazine is full…6. With 3 in the mag, works flawlessly. Found a mark on the ammo load ramp where there was,evidently,lots of friction. My serial no. ends in C. Would THINK Taurus would have fixed the dang FTF problem after all this time. After many Taurus guns purchased, this is my LAST Taurus I’m afraid. When you have no faith in your gun, time to be rid of it.

  • AlabamaJeep

    Two major fixes for the Taurus TCP 738 380’s!
    A. Slide not returning completely, causing misfires.
    B.Ammo not loading or jam’s:
    This seems to be what most every article is about! I have repaired 3 out of 3 so far!
    All guns now shoot any ammo without fail.

    A. Grease the slide with GUN GREASE! (Oil is squeezed out by the slide forces when firing)! Grease will stay put!
    B. Polish the barrel ramp (where the bullet slides up the ramp into the barrel). See youtube for this proceedure. Anyone can do this!

  • Scott R

    Purchased my Taurus 738 last month, put around 150 rounds though it so far with only one misfires.
    Maybe someone out there can comment on the safety features??? So far I have concerns of having a round chambered while carrying how sensitive is this if dropped? Please advice,

  • Gene

    Just received the +1 mag extensions from GUNZ N GRIPZ. It really improves the feel of this little gun. It really did not effect the pocket carrying ability much. Since Taurus does not seem to care to get the 8+1 mag out this is a reasonable answer to the short grip problem.

  • Gene

    Put 100 rnd of Federal thru the little gun today and no problems at all. I will be getting the +1 extension mainly for the range shooting as I think it would hamper the pocket carry which is the reason I got it.

  • Gene

    PUT 1

  • Russ

    I have owned two Ruger LCP’s and many other Ruger handguns and rifles. I own a Taurus 738 TCP and have owned many other Taurus firearms. After shooting the Ruger LCP and the Taurus TCP, I decided that I prefered the Taurus TCP. It just feels better in my hand and it has a better trigger pull and is more accurate. I am not putting down the Ruger LCP, just saying what worked best for me. My Taurus works fine with Winchester Ranger Hydra Shock type ammo. I keep it clean and don’t fire it alot, I bought it for heavy concealed backup and I am sure that if I need to call on it to do the job, I can count on it. If you are purchasing one as your only firearm and plan on shooting all the time, it is more than likely not the right gun for you. It was not designed or meant to be a primary go to type of weapon. Both Taurus and Ruger make excellent firearms.

  • Len F.

    The “A” and “B” is whatever your serial number ends with, A or B. I’m thinking the B is the newest version and has fixed some of the issues that the A version had.

  • Gene

    This is for a +1 mag extension. I have a couple on order.

  • Gene

    What is the thing with the “A” and/or the “B” versions??????

  • Len F.

    Picked up a 738 TCP for $229 on 31 Dec. Took the wife out yesterday and put 75 rounds through it with not one issue. Mine is the “B” version, so I’m not sure if the people having issues have the “A” version or not. Had a shoot off with the wife and she totally spanked me, haven’t figured that one out yet, lol.

  • Gene

    I have researched every one of these “pocket pistols and apparently they all have some problems. I even found people who have problems with the high dollar SIGs. I think it is the nature of these small pistols to have a few problems. Most have had good luck sending them back for service. I don’t believe these problems are sufficient to swear off the gun or the manufacturer. I doubt that I will ever see a forum that says a gun had no problems at all. I also believe that the great prepondence of shooters who have no problem you never hear from. Most of the forum participants are those who are pissed off big time.

  • John H.

    I took the (now) wife’s TCP back to the range a couple of times since cleaning and lubing it back in September. It runs fine on both the Fiocchi and cheap Monarch 380 brass rounds I bought at Academy. I much prefer the Fiocchi’s though. Unlike some (most?), I routinely press the release slightly when putting slides in my semi-autos to make life easier on the catch. I am still very pleased with the TCP. It’s a great pocket gun that goes everywhere. I have handled the Kel-Tec P3AT and my son-in-law’s Ruger LCP, and don’t like either as well as the TCP. I have a Kel-Tec PF9, though, and that’s a great little shooter.

  • scott

    Bought one yesterday picked it over kel-teck because it locks back after the last round, two mags and carry pack it was $10 more hopefully I made the right choice.
    Took it out this morning and put 120 rounds down range with no problems used 50 win white box, 50 tul ammo and 20 pmc starfire jhp all hit the target so far so good!

  • randy

    Went back to the range today shot another 50 rounds and the gun performed flawlessly. I think the key to avoiding misfires as many have stated is to use a good quality ammo. I used federal ammo without a problem. The monarch worked very well in my 40 cal. S&W but terribly in the 380. Talked to a couple of guys at work who had the same problem with monarch ammo misfiring in small cal.weapons. In short the little 380 performed great and its back in my pocket again at least until it gets cold enough for a coat. After that its back to the 40.

  • randy

    Well I shot 50 rounds of monarch ammo at the range today and I was ashamed because the gun mis fired at lease 8 times maybe more. I bought some federal rounds that I am going to try tomorrow I will let you know how it works. If the federals don’t work somebody will get a good deal on a 380. This is my third Taurus had a 357 mag, got a millennium 9mm which I hate and now this. I hope the ammo makes a difference.

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  • Tracker16

    Ray there is no need to use an FFL to ship your gun back to the factory. Just contact them first and they will explain the procedure

  • Tracker16

    I posted earlier that my TCP had problems feeding FMJ ammo but ate HP’s just fine. I purchased 3 different brands of FMJ to see if it was a brand specific problem I haven’t been back to the range yet but may go this weekend. If this gun doesn’t like FMJ’s the ammo won’t go to waste because my Makorov 380 won’t eat HP’s

  • Tried my new Taurus 738 TCP at the range after cleaning it and the only real problem is that you have to press the magazine release button to put in a magazine. I would assume this is a fault and the gun should be return for repairs, since sure would slow down loading in another magazine in emergency.

    Using Monarch in both HP and FMJ had no firing problems. plus fired five rounds of Hornady CD with no problems other then the having to press the magazine release to put in a magazine.

    Seemly to return this would require me to find and I assume pay a Fed License Dealer for his time to ship and receive back the 738 TCP. Has anyone returned a weapon to be serviced by the manufacturer?

  • Danny

    I have owned this gun for a while and have put over 800 rounds through it.

    1. It will jam occasionally. 1 out of 100 rounds. Big deal! Buy cheap ammo…get jammed.

    2. Accuracy is pretty darn good. It shoots where you aim.

    3. Thumb slicing is a result of improper handling. No different than busting your jaw with a shotgun.


    I recently purchase a Taurus PT738 .380ACP stainless and admired the size and power. Where can i buy an extended magazine pad (8+1)so i can increase the load capacity of my carry gun ? Hope to hear from you soon !

  • John H.

    I have ceded control of the Taurus 380 to the lovely wife. She didn’t like the extra weight of our Bersa Thunder 380 in her purse. She much prefers the light weight of the Taurus. We went to the range on 7/25/11 and, despite the increase in recoil, she felt comfortable shooting the little bugger. We burned another 50 Fiocchi 380’s for a total of 400 shots fired. We had a couple of FTE’s for the first time. The gun was filthy (not cleaned since I bought it in Feb. 2011). I cleaned and oiled it and expect that will fix the issue.

  • cowpoke al

    Just bought my TCP Saturday, and ran a box and a half of ammo thru it.No problems at all. This included reloaded ammo as well as Wolf Gold 94 grn.Critical Defense Hornady 90 grn.MagTech 95 grn.Note some of the reloaded ammo I fired thru it was lead r/n ammo, the balance of reloaded ammo was jhp.Also tried some Wolf Brown Bear 380, and only fired 3 rounds as the steel cases hung up in the chamber and would not extract. Every thing else fired fine, the accuracy is very good since I blackened the fixed sight with a black indelible marker prior to taking the gun out.Recoil wasn’t all that bad for a light weight firearm.I fired from 7-10 yards as this is a personal defense gun, definitely not a sniper rifle.I plan on carrying this weapon as a ccw arm, as I’m a retired police officer, range master and also gunsmith.

  • John H.

    Oops! I meant to say I haven’t cleaned the TCP since I bought it in Feb. 2011. Waiting 16 months to clean it would be a real stress test.

  • John H.

    As of June, I have put about 350 rounds through this little gem with absolutely no issues. I haven’t even cleaned it since it was new in Feb. 2010. I’ve been using Fiocchi 380 ammo lately because they had it on sale at Cheaper Than Dirt. The TCP likes the Fiocchi ammo and it feels a little “snappier” than some of the other brands of ammo I’ve used. Sorry to hear others are having issues with this pistol, but I love mine.

  • Mogg

    I purchased my tcp 3 months ago, stainless version. I took it straight from the counter to the range and put 60 rounds through it, mixed hardball and golden saber. No malfunctions. I have since run another 60 or so rounds through it, again mixed hardball and hollow point, including hydroshock and some old ammo a friend had running around the bottom of his gun safe. Zero malfunctions. No failures to feed, fire, extract, or eject. Little thing runs like a sewing machine, and is quite accurate for a weapon of it’s size. I really enjoy mine and carry it as well.

  • Tracker16

    Purchased a 738 a few weeks ago. Took it home and cleaned it then went to the range with three different types of ammo. The gun didn’t seem to like the American heritage hardball brand at all. but the Mag Tec and Winchester self defense hollowpoints cycle with no issues. I bought some other brands of fmj to test but haven’t had a chance to try them yet. I hope I can find something other than dollar a round ammo that this gun will eat

  • I have put many posts on this tcp , .380 yes if i had the chance to do it over i would of bought a small revolver, to carry, but it is what it is i have put many boxs through this gun had many misfires, all due to WRONG AMMO–HYDRO-SHOK is what i use , blazer jams, pmc is ok but HYDRO is the best, it doesn`t jam and i get no misfires, it took many wks or months to figure this out. but it is a nice one handed pistol to shoot in a bad situation…

  • tom stott

    Bought new taurus fired one shot trigger failed. never buy another taurus as long as I live

  • John Kinser

    Put another 100 rounds through mine today with no problems. Tried single-handing it and was getting better groups! Has anyone else tried this? Maybe the small size makes it more conducive to that approach, not sure.

  • tom

    love the tcp great gun sorry bout all the others with your problems but hey thats what the life time warranty is for lol

  • shannon murphy

    Bought mine and went straight to the range and loaded both clips.The gun fired flawlessly,no fte or ftf.So far im pleased with my purchase.For the money you cant go wrong.If you get a bad one send it back for repairs,thats what the LIFETIME warranty is for.

  • Mike

    just got one today….first 3 round failed to chamber;…3 out of the fist 10 failed to fire [some dented primers and some no strike]; even when carefully ensuring trigger is fully released will not reset after about 10 pulls; [2 different kinds of standard ammo which failed to fire were put into S&W bodyguard and chambered and fired immediately.

    Trigger is much nicer than S&W bodyguard and shoots very accurately when it elects to fire….but totally unreliable at this point…would not / cannot trust it.
    I have 2 other tauri millenium pros..9mm and .45 and never a failure, never an issue. But this 738 is awful. Mike mrb1913@charter.net

  • PA

    To those of you having trouble with your TCP 380, what loads are you shooting? If you are running P-loads, you are putting too much stress on the gun. Don’t use P-loads in the TCP and you should be fine.

  • John H.

    Seems like it’s a Jekyll-Hyde pistol. Mine is a Jekyll (good) model. I have over 200 rounds through it with no issues – none. Don’t hold a sliced thumb against the pistol. That’s operator error. I’ve done the same with my Kel-Tec P11, but had no problems with the TCP. My son-in-law laid his thumb open right after he got his Ruger LCP. It does add injury to insult, though, and I can understand why one might want to ditch the gun. BTW, the loaded chamber indicator is so small as to be useless, but I still like everything else.

  • Jim

    Pure junk!!!! I bought it today. Shot 3 rounds and then it failed to eject. The next round also.
    I inspected the extractor. It was broken. Nice gun!!! POS

  • well yes I`m back well for the 2nd time i have had my left thumb sliced open due to the action or slide coming back and slicing my thumb from one side to the other, this last time a week ago it took it to the bone, thought i was going to have to go too the hospital, for stiches to close and stop the bleeding, I`m taking this gun next week to a gun and knife show and selling or trading, it jams on certain shells, what would happen if you needed it and it jammed or misfired you are sh-t out of luck with this pistol..

  • TJ

    I just bought a Taurus 738 tcp,brand new out of box, and only got to shoot 35 rounds through the thing before the extractor broke and thus would no longer eject the bullets. I bought it for conceal carry and dont think i will ever trust my life with this gun. I own a few smith and wesson target pistols and have shot thousands and thousands of rounds through them with only a few misfires. After hearing of so many people having problems I think as soon as it returns from taurus it is back up for sale.

  • John H.

    Still very happy with my TCP. Sorry to hear some folks are having trouble right out of the box. Went back to the range on 2/23/2011 and shot 53 more rounds (130+ total now). No issues of any kind. 50 of those were reloads from the range. 3 others were rounds that my wife’s Bersa 380 wouldn’t fire (hard primers, maybe?). Can’t say enough about the accuracy for a pocket gun, and the trigger pull is outstanding. I added a touch of bright orange model airplane paint to highlight the front sight. Works great.

  • paul shimaitis

    Was very learly about buying this gun after reading all the negative blogs. I did but one and this is what happened. I fired about 175 rounds of the following; old Super Vel from 1980’s,/88 gr. JHP,Fiocchi 95 gr. FMJ, Winchester 95 gr. FMJ (target), Speer Gold Dot 90 gr. GDHP, Hornady 90 gr. FTX (Critical Defense), and Buffalo Bore 380+P 90 gr.JHP (listed @1175 fps, super hot). Not one misfire, or hang up. It fired flawlessly. I then added a Crimson Trace. WOW, is it great. I love it.

  • Mike Scooter

    Update…had a 738 for about 8 months. First 200 rds or so, no FTF or non-user FTEs. I do carry this thing, and I like to try it straight out of the holster to the range for a “reality check” (no cleaning). I usually carry it with the pipe empty, which means I have to rack the slide when I draw (I just don’t trust the striker – a personal thing). I was very unhappy that I was getting consistent FTFs on a proper manual rack for the first 2-3 rounds out of the magazine. Not good for an empty-pipe carry gun. Going back to Glock for carry.

  • R. Slimak

    My serial #ends is A, but jammed the very first shot, the ejector failing to do so and leaving the fired casing in the chamber. Sent back to Taurus and was returned in about 3 weeks. This was back in November, but unable to get out and fire it again until yesterday. Performed flawlessly running through 7 clips without any problems. Trigger is great, accuracy for such a small, light, short barreled gun great! I bought this because it’s just much lighter and smaller than my Kel Tec P11. Looked at the LCP and P3at, but the TCP feels better, is finished way better, and — Cabela’s had it for sale at only $215.00 with the two mags and PDA pouch holster!! To boot, Taurus returned it with another mag, so now have three! Still need it to warm up enough to go out and fire the additional 150 rounds to get through the break in, but after the initial problem I really like this gun!

  • Brian

    My father in law and I bought identical guns in Dec. Neither would cycle 3 rounds without jamming. Both were sent back to the factory, when they came back after 3 weeks, I fired 3 rounds and my ejector broke. My father in laws worked fine. 3 weeks later mine is working. The rail in the frame the slide runs on seperated on my father in laws and he went back and traded for a Walther pk380. As mine is working right now and I love the size, I will keep it til it breaks again.

  • I have had my TCP for several months. I have put through 500 rounds, total of various kinds of ammunition. There is some “cheap” ammunition that will not work good in it, but doesn’t work good in my Bersa 380 either. I polished the feed ramp and had one magazine that started to fail to lock open but with a slight closure of the front flange of the magazine it performs flawlessly!! I keep it clean and oiled and it does NOT let me down…..I love it and carry it constantly.

  • JW

    I have been on the verge of buying the TCP, but reading all the comments of it’s either great or it’s a lemon, I can’t decide. I’ve looked at the TCP, LCP, Kel Tec and the Diamond Back and it seems they ALL have the same issues. I like the look and feel of the Diamond Back best, but it’s a little more money but I could buy the TCP the cheapest of the four with the same problems. I don’t want to spend 5-600 bucks on a SIG. It’s a crap shoot to say the least. Why can’t they get it right? I may just give up and quit looking.

  • over 300 rounds in my TCP. three miss feeds firing aluminum cased ammo. may have also been due to my light grip on the gun. I have had no really issues with it at all. it handles most ammo well. clean it, oil it heavy, and it will take care of you. hands down better than the LCP or keltec. 7 yard accuracy at a B27 target is spot on. will make a GREAT summer carry gun.

  • John Kinser

    Glad to hear that some other folks are having good luck with this fine gun. $250 is a great price, $50 less than I paid.

    I put some white nail polish on the ramp of the front sight and it really helped, particularly in low light.

  • John H.

    I ogled the TCP at a recent gun show. I own a Kel-Tec P11 and was leaning toward a P3AT. I definitely prefer the TCP’s ergonomics over the Ruger LCP and P3AT. The fit and finish of the TCP is also nicer. The local Academy put them on sale for $250 this week so I went for it. Mine is a matte stainless model with a serial number ending in “B”. I tried it with snap caps and love the trigger pull. I took it apart to clean it, but it seemed fine. I got to the gun range a few days ago and fired 80 American Eagle 380 FMJ’s through it. I was concerned about the spotty performance record I’ve seen online. I am among the luckier owners (so far). The gun performed flawlessly. There was one misfire, which I reloaded and fired on the second try (apparently an ammo problem). I had 0 FTL’s, 0 FTE’s, and the slide locked back every time I emptied the mag. Recoil was not bad for a 10 ounce gun and accuracy at 5 – 7 yards was great. The front sight is hard to see, but so far, I am very pleased.

  • ray

    I have the stainless version sn# ending in A…..after I sent to Taurus for repair it has been wworking great!

  • John Kinser

    Looks like Taurus still has some real consistency problems with quality on this pistol. I put another 50 rounds of PMC through mine last week without a hiccup.

    I wonder what version of the gun the recent posters with troubles have? Blued, stainless, titanium, or black stainless (what I have). Does their serial number end in an “A”?

  • Luke Robby

    Brand new gun. At least one round out of every mag. gets hung up on the on the top of the casing as it is being fed into the chamber. I’ve tried 3 types of ammo. I think it’s hanging up on a sharp edge. Gun isn’t dirty. I’m hoping Taurus can smooth out the high spot. I’d like to take my Dremmel to it but I’m sure that will void the warranty.

  • ray

    Just received my tcp back from Taurus after roughly 2 weeks . I shot one clip out of it because that’s all I had time for last night but It worked prefectly, also the side locked back perfectly so hopefully they fixed all the issues .

  • John Kinser

    Looks like people either got very lucky with this gun or totally hosed. I just happened to buy a stainless slide version with a serial number ending in “A” which seems to be the key. Also heeded the advice of previous posters and stripped, cleaned and oiled it before shooting.

    Took it to the range today and put 100 rounds through it: Winchester, Hornady, CorBon, generic range ammo, and even some 40 yr. old .380 a friend had. Functioned perfectly on everything with decent groups out to 30 feet. Love this gun! Also shot a rental Ruger LCP, for me at least, not nearly as good a gun.

  • Scott

    I bought my Taurus TCP in Aug, but did not get to fire it until the 1st of Dec, on the first 24 rounds I had 4 FTE’s. I brought it back to the dealer and he has sent it back to Taurus…still waiting it’s return. Thankfully I have a Ruger LCP to fall back on. When I get it back I will test it again….reserving my final opinion till then.

  • ray

    I bought this gun in October 2010….right out of the box I had FTF on atleast 3 out 6 rounds on both clips . Also the slide hold never holds on last round . Called Taurus and they said there aware of the issues and to send it back . They also said they made clip revisions ? Any one everher of this ? It’s been there about two weeks now still waiting for it to return . I sure hope they fix it I really like this gun .

  • Paul Westcott

    I’ve put about 200 rounds through my TCP with no problems and liked the pistol a lot. Good trigger, pretty accurate. Last night I quit liking it. On the first round of a magazine the gun blew apart. The slide came apart at the rear of the ejection port. The ammo was 92gr. Winchester, nothing it hadn’t been shooting already. The fired case looked normal, no splitting, bulging or primer back out. The fellow that was trying my gun got some lacerations in his cheek from the rear half of the slide that hit him. I’m sending the gun in to Taurus but don’t know if I’m going to trust it when it comes back.

  • Hyrdr

    TCP needs a good cleaning and I lube mine with Gunslick. Its’s a graphite grease that stays on the slide and all the failers I have heard about are non-existant. On another note I have not been able to secure a 8 round magazine.
    This has the best trigger of the other two popular compact 380’s.

  • Mike

    Purchased in Nov 2010. First box of ammo (50 rounds) resulted in slide behaving irregularly…sometimes locked open when last shot fired/mag empty, sometimes locked open with still one round left in mag, and sometimes didn’t stay open at all with mag empty. Took back to dealer two weeks after purchase…and dealer sent back to Taurus. Recieved about three weeks later. Have fired another 150 rounds…not a single issue. Slide is functioning perfectly. No FTE, no stovepipes, no FTF. BTW…amazingly accurate for such a short barrel. Gun is great for intended purpose…very satisfied.

    A 380 auto on-your-person when needed on foot will outperform a 45 Auto under the seat of the truck EVERY time.

  • Derrick

    My TCP is about a week old, I tested it out twice at the range with a total of 200 rounds through it. Right off the store shelf, I fired 50 rounds through it and it jammed once with a failure to feed. It’s pretty accurate for a pistol that small, there is an extremely small sights radius and the sights are almost an after thought, but they work, at 25 yards I was able to get a pretty consistant shot group with in 2 inches and that is great for a slow fire situation. I took it back to the range after a thorough cleaning and fired another 150 rounds and it had a failure to feed twice and a failure to fire twice. I can see this as a possible dangerous event in a real life situation if you are not proficient at engaging in Immediate Action Steps(Tap the magazine, Rack the Slide, and Squeeze the trigger). To be fair, both of the failure to feed and failure to fire/lock situations occured while rapid firing, but with a subcompact, a rapid fire situation will be the most likely scenerio during a concealed carry close-up confrontation.

  • lets all get to gether and get ahold of taraus and demand a new gun from them or our money refundedn if we as sportsman and women stick together we can show these manuafactures that we have the ultamate say so on the product or a law suit can develope real fast is any buddy willing to do this?? Doug

  • Jake

    I love mine, I can rapid fire it with no issues and very accurate for a small pistol. I have put 100s of round through it. Once I had a mis fire and it was a bad primer. Love it…

  • Rick

    Many problems with this pistol at range. Rounds would not eject or feed into the weapon. Tried several different types of ammo, same with all of them. Sent it back to Taurus – cost $57 overnight shipping from FEDEX. Taurus was very courteous and fixed/returned weapon w/in 2 weeks. It works alot better. An extra 2 magazines was sent back with it also. I dont rely on this weapon though as I am still uncomfortable with the occasional feed problems.

  • Leo

    I hade my 738 for 6 months now and still love it. I have not had a single mis-fire or FTE. Only once did it have a mis feed and that was because I had shot it alot and my hand slipped down and ejected the mag with the base of my thumb. I disassembled prior to my first shot, cleaned and lightly oiled moving parts and ensured no sharp edges on the assembly. Fired the first 50 no issue except the mis feed I stated above. Cleaned gun again and ran another 150 through with no issues what so ever. The serial number does end with an A, if that means anything.
    Thanks to Frank’s Shooting Supply for another quality pistol…..
    I carry this everytime I go out of my house except to work. You don’t even know its there and neither does the everyday Joe.

  • Anozira

    Our 738 TCP is going back to Taurus for the FORTH time. It has now become a DANGEROUS gun as when the trigger is pulled back to the point where it should release the firing pin . . . it doesn’t. There is a time laps of 1/4 second to a full second before the pin is released and the gun fires. The first three times it went back to Taurus was for all the reasons stated above by other shooters; failure to feed, failure to eject, and failure to fire round after primer being struck by the firing pin. These problems combined to make the piece useless.
    What we are faced with here with this gun is either Taurus gets it right – – – somehow, or we are committed to sending it back over and over and over as we are OUT the near $300 spent and no way to recoup that $$$. When I enter the dealer’s shop, he shakes his head and says, “Oh no, again?”

  • Jamie

    So far I have had nothing but problems with my TCP. Of the last 250 or so rounds I’ve fired, every other one stove piped, ftf, or the magazine falls out. Just tonight after stripping for cleaning I discovered the frame slide rails have some how expanded. I will be sending this back to Taurus. I have other Taurus firearms that have been problem free.

  • Todd

    I have had nearly 250 rounds through my TCP (stainless slide)with just about any kind of ammo I could find. I have never had a single fail. This gun is very concealable and very reliable. I’m glad i purchased this gun over the Ruger LCP. It has a lot more options for the money.

  • Yes why dosen`t taurus recall these handguns?? i have had several jam`s and missfires with this gun and stated before when i put enough ammo through it i will give my true feelings, well i would not advise anyone to purchase this hand gun, Taurus why not RECALL THESE MISFITS,,, are you waiting for a lawsuit to happen as ,, Walther did with its PPK .380 as i owened one of those also,, and sent it back and got a new model walther pk.380 great handgun but bigger,,,time to take steps TAURUS

  • Ammo Ed

    With the LCP. New in box, fired 3 mags thru it, and the mags start to pop out while firing. It is not my finger hitting the release. The gun feeds fine and shoots strait when the mag is in place. The only problems are (naturally) when the mag pops out. Any one have this problem??

  • Chris W

    I am another owner of the TCP that regrets the decision. While I do have occasional feeding problems mainly on initial chambering but not during firing, I have had numerous extraction problems. Sent it back to Taurus, got it back, still have problems. The company says they decided not to produce the extended mags which was one of the deciding factors of getting this little pistol as well as the last shot hold open. While i like the idea more than I like the pistol, I am trying to sell it only to find that when people are interested I have to advise them that its junk due to my concience. Bummer. Not a good way to sell a gun but I can’t imagine someone counting on this pea shooter to save their life. Sorry Taurus, stick with revolvers.

  • Ray B.

    Scott Reinmann, in response, since I feel like me 2 return repairs include me in the “wanker” column?

    Many range sessions, fresh from the box and also after cleaning, with varying levels of oiling, by the way. Same problems, mulitiple types of jams, FTEx, FTEj (Stovepipes), FTC. Taurus agreed, replaced slide, replaced barrel, adjusted slide catch. Then trigger disconnected on 5th shot after getting back from Taurus, who then replaced the previously adjusted Slide Catch and replaced the Extractor.

    It works now. Given that Taurus has replaced almost all the parts, except the plastic frame, I’d say they agreed that something was very wrong with the gun, making their design or manufacturing the “wanker”.

    I bought a Sig Sauer P238 to replace the Taurus and that does make me a Wanker, because I just got it back from Sig, because it too jammed horribly through 450+ “break in” rounds. Barrel, Extractor, mag, springs and not it works. I have bad luck, or guns are just not checked for operation.

  • If anybody has the Taurus TCP 738 Check you inner Aluminium frame for cracks or splittiing along the slide rail.I have found that among it’s numerous other problems the inner TCP frames are also defective.Mine was just sent back to Taurus.If they manage to replace the frame and fix the gun,I will return it to the gun dealer,and purchase either a Ruger LCP or S&W bodyguard 380.The fire Arm is not dependable,my advise to anybody thinking of carrying this gun is don’t,trust your life to this gun.

  • yep me again,, I have put many rds through this handgun and have found out that my 738does shoot well with HYSHOK/PMC ammo, without any misfires,, which i had withcan`t remember the brand but it has nickle finish case,any how i have shot chipmunks, red squirrels with little gun and it is very accurate, just have to get the right ammo for my gun others might have to use different ammo to get same results… will keep public owners of this gun and others advised.

  • What a bunch of wankers! So many people having probs with the 738 say I took it right from the box and fired and had problems,… Thats because the gun is test fired with testing rounds (the case is used for later id if the guns is used in a crime) anyway these rounds foul the inside and then the gun goes right back in the box where it sits for weeks, months.. Clean and oil first, dry run magazines chambering and extracting manualy, and bring several types of ammo beacause ALL autos can have an issue and they do! Find ammo that works and stick with it. As for the guy who say his trigger”just fell out” common id say more likely you have a problem with Taurus or didnt follow the steps previously mentioned. My black SS 738 ser # ending in A eats and digests anything and everything 0ver 200 rounds the first day. Happy shooting!

  • Gene Retske

    I fired my TCP for the first time yesterday. It has the “A” at the end of the serial number. I put about 200 rounds of Remington 95 grain FMJ and 20 rounds of Federal Premium HydroShok through it and it was perfect.

    Great little gun, but get the “A” version, apparently.

  • Ok i have had time to check my LCP.380 and i wish i would of bought the ruger as this little gem has misfired on me several times if it was a life and death suituation, i would be dead or my family members,,would not recomemd this for personal defense,,

  • Several individuals posted about holsters. Oddly enough, my Galco IWB (the older model without the stiffness) for my shorty Glock 27 works. It isn’t a tight fit, but IWB takes care of that. It also doesn’t ride as high as the G27 does, but it’s high enough to grasp the grip. Not an ideal solution, but for any who have an IWB (of any manufacture) for a G26/27, it’s worth a try.

  • Jim

    Had mine several months . . . love it. But there are 3 things you need to do to make it perfect.

    1. Over time the slide hold open on an empty mag will become erratic or fail altogether. Problem is the red plastic follower is able to move to the side away from the little lever which raises the slide stop. To correct:
    A. disassemble magazine.
    B. Clean red plastic follower with alcohol or degreaser to remove all oil.
    C. Apply a 1/4″ wide band of epoxy (I used J-B Weld) on side opposite of front notch for slide stop.
    D. When epoxy has fully cured, file-sand down epoxy to provide a proper fit of the follower. Object-keep the slide stop in proper position to function.

    2. Polish the feed ramp to insure positive feeding.

    3. The magazines tend to hold the cartridges to horizontal too long for positive feeding. On the magazines, carefully using pliers straighten up 1/10″ of the rolled over portion to permit easier feeding onto the feed ramp.

    Since I did the above, my TCP has been absolutely flawless.

  • Larry Revard

    This is an update on the Taurus 738 I purchased earlier this month. Went to the shooting range again with a variety of fmj’s. Winchester, Federal, Magtec, PMC, Blazer Lawman, and not one single failure of any kind. This gun now has over 150 rounds pushed thru it with perfect reliability. I’ve added a Hogue Handall Jr. grip sleeve, installing it upside down and trimming to fit,,,,does wonders to form a firmer hold. From everything I’ve read, many buyers have had serious malfunctions with their 738’s,,,,I encourage them to allow Taurus the chance to remedy their problems,,,they are a great company. I apparently purchased a perfect 738 or at least an excellent functioning one. Perhaps I was just lucky,,,regardless,,,I love this pistol and would not be afraid to depend on it in a life threatening situation.

  • Ken

    My Taurus TCP has been back (twice) to the company for adjustments/repairs. It failed to eject on a consistent basis. I’ve put more than 200 rounds of three different ammunition brands through the gun and it still fails. I would not recommend this gun and quite frankly, I would be leery of buying another Taurus.

  • sailor353

    Picked up a TCP at Academy yesterday for $279 + tax also 2 boxes of Monarch to break in. Had to buy a Pink SS because that was all they had. The gun feels great in the hand and carries easy and well in front pocket of Levis. Went out and fired off 1 box of Monarch. Only problem was one mag jammed the first round on 2 out of 4 loads other mag was perfect on all 4 loads. All rnds went bang and no FTEs or FTFs. All rnds pretty much in the center of a Franzia box at about 25 feet. Gun feels really good to shoot. I think it might be a winner, will know better after a few more boxes of ammo. BTW Monarch is really dirty, especially dirties up the pink frame. Overall though I think it will be a great gun for cc.

  • Darkmann

    The PT738 is a DAO (double action only).
    My PT 709, 9mm, is a SA/DA (single and double action).It operates as a single action when firing. However if you drop the weapon it won’t fire as it operates in the DA mode. Also if the weapon misfires, it automatically goes into the DA mode to allow you to fire again by pulling the trigger ,DA, without manually pulling the slide back. The PT709 also has a safety and is a safer weapon. They didn’t put those features in the PT738, probably to cut down costs.

  • Darkmann

    I have a 9mm 709 and a .380 TCP. I have never had a FTE in either gun. I believe the key is finding the right ammo for each gun. Some ammo doesn’t pack the power of its charge. Other ammo dirties the gun. I’ve used FMJ and JHP interchangable in the same mag without a hitch.



  • AMCM

    Several FTE the first 200 rounds. Torn down and claened. Only had a couple of FTE next 200 rounds. During tear down Latch pin was hard to remove. Once I got ot out noticed it was bent. Contacted Taurus sending new pin. Pin material appears to be too soft. Should not bend after 400 rounds.

  • the more i shoot this little jem the more i like it great to handle and to hide, havin`t had it jam up yet if and when it does I`ll tell tauras about it it is there gun,but until then it is delight ti shoot, I still pack a little bigger version of it PPK.380, and last night on gun gallety they said it was a delight to have and a very nice carry gun, and to shoot up at close range 5“ or less not much more,,DOUG

  • Larry Revard

    I just purchased a taurus 738 and fired 50 rounds of mixed fmj from winchester and american eagle, with a few cheap foreign rounds of a brand I won’t name but won’t buy again. I had trouble in other guns with that ammo. As for the winchester and federal loads, The taurus performed flawlessly ! Didn’t even clean it from new in box. This gun is accurate and a joy to shoot. Trigger pull is smooth, and felt recoil is absorbed by the ergonomic grip design. I know 50 rounds isn’t much to go on, but if this pistol continues to perform well with the next 150/200 rounds, I will be a happy camper! So far I love this easily concealable little gem.

  • Carl Blankenship

    Just got back from the range with a NIB Taurus 738 and I am disappointed to say the least. Fired about 100 rounds and had several failures to feed with american eagle ammo. The slide was open against the base of the cartridge and I had to rack the slide back to full open and then the gun would chamber. Also had several failures to fire. The gun would chamber a round into battery position and I would pull the trigger and nothing. Almost like there was a bar preventing the trigger from going all the way back. I noticed at one time that the base plate of the mag had walked forward about 1/2 the way off the bottom of the mag. I was walking back to the firing line with an empty mag in my hand just casually depressing the follower when I noticed that the follower had stuck about 1/4″ below it’s normal position. The gun shot low and to the right with everything I put into it but it grouped well. I think I have a bad magazine or two and will be contacting Taurus asap. I know I wasn’t limp wristing the gun because I’ve never had a problem with my other semi’s. I also test shot a new PT145 Millenium with one or two failures to feed but it shot like a champ. I’m very disappointed with my first outing with the 738 and don’t, at this point, trust it for carry.

  • Rick F

    Own a few Taurus, only one had/has issues.So picked up the 738, was thinking Ruger LCP, but Taurus was $269 & 1 YR membership to NRA. Took to Range right from gun store. No cleaning. Fired 50 rnds PMC 95gr. Around 40 rnds got my 1st FTJ, same problem as “Bo T” had. FTE with the casing ending up part way in the chamber with the next round pushing up against. Only 1 Failures To Eject (FTE) at this point. Gun pretty dirty now. So shot 50 100gr reloads, cleaner then PMC. got off another 25 rnds & start to get FTE at about 4 more. Figured it was due to dirt & not cleaning before use. Went home clean really well, went back to range this past weekend, and fired 50 rnds 90gr Fiocchi. Out of the 50rnds had at least a dozen FTE. Rapid fire does seem to work better I noticed. Also almost all the FTE where the 1st 1 or 2 rnds. I’ve a taurus 22 revolver, & most the problems with it have to do with weak springs. Wondering if thats the problem with extractor? Have a Jimenez. About same size, a little thicker & heavier. It requires 380 ammo of 95gr or above. As long as I use 95gr or above I never had a problem. Wondering if the Taurus 738 requires something like that. Want to try some 95gr ammo & see what it does before contacting Taurus.

  • scott

    Just got mine, shot 150 rds then the mag release button split in half. I really like the gun but a gun that breaks after 150 rds? How can I ever feel safe using this as a backup if it breaks right out of the box? Called taurus and they are sending a new piece.

  • Hey take white out and put on the front and rear sights it greatly improves the accurcy and sight plain ,,when it or if it wears off just put a dab or 3 back on.

  • i bought a TCP.380 1 1/2 wks ago just shot it last wk using cor-bon 85grhp shot a oppussem in the head killed it clean mass destruction, also us as 2nd shot in the clip that is stagered 90gr pmc, 3 days ago shot at a mouse first shot misfired, left dent in primer second shot got mouse, over kill, but this wk will test it at target, as i plan on reloading my bullets, i have 2 other tauras`s a .357–pt111 both are a delight to shoot but have been hearing bad or mixed revievs about this little pocket gun. like to hear more insight on this gun. Doug

  • Just bought a TCP.380 serial number ending in A
    I shot it for the first time last wk first clip shot well then put 2nd clip in first shot misfired put dent in primer,, this was cor bon 85grhp backed up by 90gr fmj pmc, was comented on the look of it after i shot the first rds through it lots of powder and lead fouling on barrel ,it also scratches very easy. will see if i have any more misfires with my hp`s or other factory ammo as i will be reloading for this and my p380 also i also have 2 other tauras handguns and both are great shooting weapons…357- pt111

  • Ray B.

    Broken, for the 2nd time. First time shooting after the last posting, where I’d just gotten it back from Taurus Repair for the Failures to Fire.

    This time, after 15 shots (cleaned) the trigger lost the first half of it’s “tension”, completely incapable of firing, though light striking the primers. It apears that something came loose which cocks the hammer from the 1/2 cocked postion achieved by racking the slide to fully back, so it just relased hammer from 1/2 cocked.

    I sent it back to Taurs the next day, but I am done with this gun and done with Taurus as a first time customer. That may seem obvious, but also may seem harsh, but in 200 rounds, this gun has become physically broken twice in different ways. Not only is that unworthy of a carry piece status, it sucks for recreational use. Judging by my experience your’e gonna need that lifetime warranty. I had no experience with Taurus, but this is ridiculous. My XD9SC, by the way has over 1000 rounds in the same times at the range and not only hasn’t broken, it hasn’t bobbled at all. Just too big, sometimes, so I’ll try S&W BodyGuard 380 or probably Kahr P380/PM9/PM40.

  • JR

    I took my “New In Box” Taurus TCP .380 to the range last week. I shoot 130 rounds of Speer lawman 95 grain fmj before I had a FTE every other shot. At this point, I noticed a lot of build up on the gun. I changed to my defensive ammo (Federal Hydro-Shok 90 grain Hollow Point) which is very hard to find and shot 6 at rapid fire. All the rounds went through without any problems. Now guys, that’s very impressive. I spoke to the gunsmith at the range and he stated that “I can’t expect anything better than that. Look at all that residue and gunk on the gun and you shot 130 rounds through the gun flawlessly?” I shot 156 rounds total including the defensive ammo and all the rounds are accounted on the target. Accuracy was great I shot it at 7, 20, and 30 yards and there are a bunch of head shoots and bull eyes. I really don’t have any complaints. I’m planning to go to the range this week and will update y’all about the performance of the gun after cleaning it. By the way, I bought my stainless slide TCP at the gun show in Florida for $289.00+Tax. If you guys have any questions please submit your questions and I will try to get back to you with an update again I’m planning on going to the range this week. So let me know.

  • Bo T

    I bought a TCP.
    Accuracy and shootability was great. Sights essentially nonexistant.
    All 6 shot groups @ 3″ offhand.
    1 magazine Reminton HP – no problems.
    4 magazines Blazer Aluminium – no problems.
    8 magazines Blazer Brass – 6 failure to eject with the casing ending up part way in the chamber with the next round pushing up against it. I’m not sure what is causing this. I’ll sent an e-mail to Taurus.

  • Chris

    I bought a new TCP about a month ago and I have some great and not so great things to report. First of all, coming from the military and a history of shooting, I was apprehensive about buying a “plastic gun” and shooting “baby rounds”. In all actuality, the gun feels good in the hand, has a stout feeling during the shot and is impressive for what the gun is designed for. As a purely defensive gun, I think that I struck gold. It’s no Kahr but for half the price this is a great gun that is going to get me through the summers instead of carrying my XD .40 SC or S&W J-frame .357 (which is my choice during the fall/winter with the heavier clothing. Anyway, during the first 100 rounds I had 4 FTE using 3 different ammo types. I am not sure whether to attribute this to new gun break in or ammo type (cheap vs. carry) but if it keeps up it will be shipped priority back to Taurus for their lifetime repair warranty, which is one of the selling points for me. Now for the bad. THERE ARE NO ACCESSORIES FOR THIS GUN!! I can not find any quality holsters that are designed specifically for this gun, there is a shortage of laser attatchments (although I don’t believe in them, its good for this type of pistol especially with the low profile sights) and I can’t find extra magazines ANYWHERE!! Maybe just because its new, I don’t know. Either way, it’s a good purchase if you know exactly that this is strictly a defensive pistol with simple and pretty reliable functionality. To the vendors… GET SOME MAGS!!!

  • Sean B

    Can anyone clarify is the LCP a SA/DA or a true DAO (true as in identical trigger pull regardless of slide cycling or not). I ask because the article here says it is SA which is in contrast to every other article I have read on this pistol. However, since Taurus has gone with their new trigger system with the 24/7’s and some subsequent models that are neither what is traditionally thought of as SA or DAO or even “traditional” action rest DA (ala Glock’ish) it is very difficult to know what the trigger in any Taurus really is anymore unless you can check it out in person which I cannot do at this time. Any clarity greatly appreciated!

  • Ray B.

    Ok, I got an unexpected chance to shoot the TCP, for the first time after the repair for the Failure to load last cartridge/false empty hold open problem.

    Good news, 100+ rounds of 3 different ammo types fired perfectly. Most were done as 2 per magazine, to test the last round problme more often than full mags would have. Full mags were shot quick as possible. Slide racking could be done in any orientation successfully. All good.

    I wish it hand’t taken me sending the new gun back to Taurus to get it working right, but clearly the gun can run perfectly well, mine just didn’t at first.

    Hope it’s ok to post an update to my original, just below, because I had trouble finding much feedback on the TCP from actual owners and shooters. NOW, if love my TCP as much as my XD.

  • Ray B.

    I purchased my TCP 738 stainless about 6 weeks ago. Needed a smaller alternative to my XD and like the slide hold open, TSS lock, loaded chamber indicator, better trigger feel and slightly longer grip, all over the LCP and P3AT.

    Now, unfortunately I’ve had the gun back 2 days, after 5 weeks back with Taurus to fix what was a saddening experience in my 1st two range trips with it. First trip, pre-cleaning, straight from the purchase and the second trip after firing and cleaning/oiling suffered absolutely consistent false lock-opens on every magazine of 250 rounds, usually the last round was left in the mag.

    This was with Winchester Target FMJ, Speer Gold Dot, American Eagle ball, so it wasn’t ammo.

    So, just got it back, haven’t fired it, but they replaced the two magazines and sent an extra 3rd mag. The claimed to have adjusted the extractor, although the chambered rounds were ejected just fine and also they replace the follower, which is inherent in the fact that the mags were swapped out.

    I assume it will work fine as it otherwise did, after the fix, but must admit the experience didn’t make me feel very good about the purchase, becuas it shows that they obviously didn’t fire the gun before shipping. I expect a self defense gun to work, at least after the generous break in of 250 rounds. It just was simply un dependeble before return.

  • Will

    I just happened upon the TCP in gun store while browsing. I was not in the market for a pocket pistol because I already owned a Ruger LCP. I loved the slide hold open after last shot feature and the trigger pull was MUCH better than my LCP. AS a owner of two other Taurus pistols that I love (PT111 and PT145) I purchased the little guy. I went home and got frightened by all the bad reviews posted online. Today I shot it. Absolutely loved it! No problems what so ever. Taurus seems to have worked out any bugs the earlier models had. My serial number does end in an “A”. The TCP has better sights, better trigger, alot less recoil, and is cheaper than the LCP, and comes with an extra magazine. Needless to say I sold my LCP. I did not enjoy shooting the LCP but it was very easy to carry. The TCP is not what I would consider a range gun but was much more pleasant to shoot and just as easy to carry. I hope everyone that has had issues with theirs gets them resolved because I love mine!

  • scott

    I purchased a 738 w/ stainless slide last month and have put two boxes of CCI Blazer FMJ through it and 20 rounds of Cor-Bon Starfire HP. Not one single problem. I still can not believe the 7 yard 5 shot groups of 2 inches off hand. It just seems impossible with a DA trigger and almost non-exsistent sights and the short barrel. But it did it with both ammo’s. Again and again. I’m really shocked to read the comments from others here about the problems with theirs. Mine is unbelievable. Now I just need to find a paddle holster for it, or someone needs to make one for it. Fobus has one for the LCP but the 738 wont fit in it. I sure hope Taurus takes care of everybody that has a problem with theirs. Obviously its sound engineering from the performance I have from mine so they need to tighten up quality control down there in Florida and make sure lemons dont get out like that.

  • w.w.wizard

    After having been through sending two back to the factory I finally got to fire fifteen, yes fifteen cartridges, without a misfire or a jam up. Yes, I was amazed. Tony S. has it correct and thank God (no not Obama) for what appears to be a fix. It went to Florida and then I think to Brazil but not sure. Sent it all wraped up in original box. When Fed X returned it in one of their boxes there was a whole lot of rattling goin on inside and when opened, the pistol and both mags were all loose and the original box was there but open. Great way to travel. Now you know why there is a lifetime guarantee. W

  • Tony S.

    I bought a 738 about a month and a half ago as did a friend of mine also. We went to the range together a few times. His 738 had chronic FTF problems. It would print the primers but not fire. Mine seemed to be OK with less FTFs. He took his gun back to the dealer and got another. The dealer sent the original back to Taurus and got it back in 2 weeks. My buddies second gun also had chronic FTF. He called Taurus and sent the gun back. He got the gun back in a couple of weeks and it now is working OK. In the meantime, my gun, which had been working perfectly had a slight problem. The plastic trigger fell out in my hand as I was shooting! I called Taurus and sent it back to them. They had it for a little over a month and I just received it back today. It is going to rain for 2 days so I cannot go to the range for testing. Three out of three 738s which I have personal knowledge of were defective right out of the box. I expect to have to break in a new gun but not to have the trigger fall out. That was my first Taurus and most likely my last. If this one works properly it will be trade bait. If not, back to Taurus it will go. I bought the gun partially because of the glowing tribute in American Rifleman and on the advice of my dealer. I will take both opinions with a grain of salt hereafter.

  • Chris Anderson

    Just bought the Taurus TCP 738 from the Academy in Joplin, Missouri. Paid $279 plus tax. Great price. Took it home and upon tearing it down and inspecting it, I found the barrel to have a defect in when the riflings were cut. There was a gouge cut into the metal all along one of the riflings. Looked like a piece of metal got caught in the tool that was cutting and gouged the barrel along one of the riflings. I called the Academy and they said bring it in and they would take care of it. They would send it back to the factory for me and get it replaced or fixed at no cost to me. That was a relief to know. The gun feels good, points good, but I am just starting out wrong. Hope everything works out for me.

  • especially concidering the Ruger is almost 100$ more expensive and the other .380 are way over priced such as Magnum Research, Karr, etc

  • Its a great little weapon for personal defence. Especially for the price, lifetime warranty, extra mag and goodie bag.

  • superG

    Does anyone know if that weight of 10.2 ounces is with or without the magazine weight?

  • Gene

    Both sn’s end with an “A”.

  • Gene

    I got two of these, one for me and one for the wife. A little sharper kick than I expected but this is the first .380 I’ve ever fired. First time out, I was shooting a 4 inch group at 7 meters. Shooting PMC 90 gr FMJ. It was very cold out that day so didn’t shoot many rounds. Both guns worked flawlessly. I really like mine and my wife absolutely adores hers.

  • Ed Oliver

    I got some FTEs with mine, but Taurus customer service is great so far. Waiting to get it fixed. Does the SN from the 738s reported as flawless in many posts here end with an “A” ? Thanks.

  • Proscene

    I found one yesterday, my dealer had several in stock (blued & Stainless). I purchased the stainless for $299 and took it right over to his firing range.
    Fired 50 rounds of Remington UMC through it with no issues, jams or misfires. Handles good, feels balanced with very little kick. Accuracy was surprising with close groupings at 10 yards. This will give the ever scarce Kel Tek PF 9 a good run for the money. Comes with 2 clips (1 chambered + 6 in mag). Dealer suggested firing 50 followed by a full cleaning and reload the clips and let them sit a few days. Best part is Made in America with total lifetime warranty against defects. So far very pleased with selection and it makes a great concealed piece!

  • Mitch

    Bought the Taurus over the LCP, P3AT and P380. I wanted the last shot hold open and stainless slide. The extra mag was icing on the cake. The Kahr is very nice but is $150 too expensive. The Taurus had the best trigger also. I’ve fired 50 rounds of FMJ and 14 rounds of Hydra Shok with no failures of any kind. It’s very accurate for the tiny sights and short barrel. I really like it.

  • mOegNetO

    I bought this from academy for $279 + tax. It’s a beautiful gun and it handles well. I also chose this over the LCP because of the 2 included magazines, holster, loaded chamber indicator, slide lock, and looks (stainless steel model). Put about 300+ rounds through it and it shoots great. The only problem I had was using monarch ammo (STAY AWAY FROM MONARCH), three casings failed to eject and it left a lot of residue (Russian powder sucks!). Used Winchester white box, Remington, PMC, and Magtech FMJ with no problem. I am carrying around Remington golden saber JHP. Bought a Hogue junior universal grip for it and had to make a few small cuts for a glove fit. It is very easy to breakdown and clean, as well as very light to carry in the pocket. I find that the case that comes with it is quite handy for how I place it in my vehicle. Still waiting for accessories to come out like the extended clip (8+1) and the crimson trace laser. If you want a great carry gun for a great price, I recommend the PT738. This is my first Taurus and I have been very pleased so far. I own the XDM40 for my home and I feel comfortable carrying the TCP. If you have any more questions, google “Mouse gun PDF” to compare the top .32 to 9mm carry guns.

  • Mike

    Just to let everyone know…I just ordered one on line from Mountain Ridge Armament for 254.19 plus shipping…For a total of $271.34. This is the best price around and believe me, I have looked! When I checked yesterday, they did not have any in stock. Today when I checked, they had 11 in stock. Needless to say, I have ordered one. They seem to be out of stock almost everywhere. I can’t wait to get mine! I have been in the market for one of these and I had been comparing. When I saw the article in the American Rifleman, I was sold.

  • Joe

    Purchsed a TCP PT738 at Academy in Beaumont. Have not fired it yet. Several written articles indicate it comes with an 8 round mag, but not true. I called Taurus, and they indicated it was a writer’s error. Played with both 6 rnd mags. One did not function properly, and was difficult to insert, binded, would not lock as required, and would not feed properly. After careful inspection with the other mag, and upon removing the rounds one at a time, I got to three rounds in the mag. I noticed that the malfunctioning mag had, on the front side, a badly installed spring which was not engaging the red follower properly. The spring was caught on the bottom front of the red follower casuing the spring to collapse rather then compress. I quickly obtained a sharp pointed tip tool, pulled down on the back side of the spring through one of mag holes, and the front part of the spring properly engaged the red follower. The spring should be behind and underneath the front of the red follower. Problem solved, and mag inserted correctly and smoothly without further problems. So far no other problems. Will post shooting experience soon.

  • sCat

    I just got one last week….100 rounds of 5 different types of ammo…NO failures…Buffalo Bore 100gr +P too, with no problems (not pleasant) but no problem. All the features that i wish my Ket-tec had…Kel-Tec really dropped the ball here I think. The taurus sights (while small) are better than the P3AT, Slide lock is a blessing for reassmebly too, (No more pinched finger). Still breaking it in , but so far so good. I really am looking forward to getting the 8 round mag as soon as it is available.

  • Greg R

    I also bought a 738 on gunbroker.com
    Paid 279.00 + shipping + ffl
    Took it to the range and it fired like a dream
    not as big as kick as I thought it would for such a small gun. Picked this over the Ruger LCP becasue of the lock back after last round fired.
    Loaded chamber indicator, came with two mags and a holster. I know there is a lot Taurus bashers out there but I have had nothing but good experiences with them. I own a Taurus 65 357 that also shoots like a dream and the trigger is getting better after about 400 rounds, I expect nothing less from the little 738.
    I used 90 gr fmj’s for range use. Plan on getting 95 gr hollow points for carry. I am a fan of Ruger guns I also own a Ruger SP101 which I love, and really wanted the LCP until Taurus up the ante with TCP

  • Sam

    Just bought a TCP 738 off of Gunbroker.com. Paid $310 + shipping + ffl transfer. Haven’t fired it yet. The mag release may be reversible, but is definitely not ambidextrous. I don’t see instructions in the manual on how to reverse the mag release either.

  • Ziklag

    Just saw both the Ruger LCP and the Taurus 738 for sale in the Academy store in Selma, Texas. Looks like Santa has an opportunity to make somebody happy with a new firearm!


  • Roy Odhner

    P3AT’s and LCP’s are fairly common between Tarrant and Johnson counties. Has the 738 TCP actually come out, and has anyone actually put in any range time on it. How much are they running and are they worth the price?

  • John Rendon

    Where and how can I purchase a TAURUS 738 TCP? I live in the Portland Oregon area USA.

  • Larry Kasprzyk

    The LCP Ruger and the 738 TCP are just about impossible to find!! If you can ever locate one, the asking price is usually double suggested retail! If you are not willing to pay the price, someone else will.
    I don’t think the Taurus 738 is available yet (see my prior comments, Mar 14th).

  • Tom Angus

    I would like to purchase the Ruger LCP 380 and a Taurus 738 TCP. I have checked several places in my home town St. Louis, MO but can’t find anyone with any of these guns in stock. Do you believe it will take long before the average guy can obtain them?

  • Larry Kasprzyk

    I really like the looks of this pistol, but …available “Summer 2009″…yeh right!
    I am still waiting for the Taurus 709 (available 4th qtr. 2008)!!!

  • hao huynh

    love to know how much the gun and size caliper.