TAURUS’ 800 Series Pistols

Derived from the company’s popular  “Taurus OSS” model designed for…


Derived from the company’s popular  “Taurus OSS” model designed for U.S. Armed Forces, Taurus’ 800 series boasts many new customer requested features including an external hammer, quick field stripping and double stacked magazines. The Taurus® 800 Series has everything one would expect to find on the most advanced semi-auto pistols in the world.

Available in .45 ACP, .40 cal and 9mm, the 800 Series features Taurus’ industry changing “Strike Two” capability. Firing normally from single action mode, if the primer ever fails to ignite, the gun reverts to double action mode to provide a potentially life-saving second or third try at a faulty cartridge. Research indicates a 93 percent or better chance the round will fire on re-strike. The pistol will then automatically revert back to single action mode.

When field stripping the 800 Series, which is achieved quickly with unique take-down levers, users will be impressed with the firearm’s rugged construction including a forged slide and captured recoil spring with stainless steel guide rod. These components help create incredibly balanced spring pressure that allow for record-setting cycle times capable of firing ten rounds in under a second.
809b.jpgThe series also features Genuine Novak® Sights, true ambidextrous magazine release buttons and extended magazine bumpers that double as a finger rest and save damage to the magazine when ejected in rapid-fire situations.  Each firearm also includes 2 Taurus exclusive magazines, which fit into super guided wells for record-setting reloading. Each magazine is double stacked for hi-capacity and features witness holes for easy round count.

The 800 Series offers ultimate exclusive protection with three internal safeties, unnoticed by the shooter when firing.  True ambidextrous safety and decock lever allows the user to leave a live round in the chamber and safely decock – or leave a round in the chamber and apply the safety with the left or right hand. The series also comes standard with a visual loaded chamber indicator and the unique Taurus Security System® that allows users to securely lock the gun using an inconspicuous onboard key-lock.   Each caliber is available in either Black Tennifer or Stainless Steel. MSRP $623.00 – $686.00.

For more information about Taurus and its complete line of products contact, visit www.taurususa.com

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  • Bryan

    Just purchased the 809 and absolutely love it. Love the way it looks, feels and shoots. Took it to the range for the first time this weekend and it performed flawlessly. My wife and I shot about 50 rounds with zero issues.

  • Al

    What is the deal with thte PT 809 Magazines? Any idea when they will be available or where they can be purchased?

  • whitew00d

    In regards to magazine failures, or ejection failures, I submit the following. My 845 was purchased used with only 300 or less rounds. First time out at the range, same failed miserably to feed. Utilizing the second mag, using the same ammo out of the first, same functioned flawlessly. No after 25 years in the USAF, I’ve never broke down a magazine. Just replace, however, I did break the mag down and found all sorts of 300 rounds of cheeseburger. Cleaned and works. While at it, I polished the feed ramp on the barrel to a mirror polish. Never seen an article on magazine breakdown, but Taurus shows you this on the 845. Might make an interesting article, and yes most want $40 bucks for a new mag and that is rediculous! Enjoy

  • NotVeryEmpathetic

    For some reason i’ve always wanted an 800 series Taurus.I end up buying a glock,sig,cz,xd,m&p,SteyrMA1 and others.Others i’ve thought of buying but haven’t yet are the FNP and the Serbian pistol,what’s it called? Of course online you can buy a NEW Taurus 800 series for 400 or less dollars.

  • 10/11/2012, just purchased Taurus PT 809. First time I pilled trigger it went full auto for six rounds, which might not be bad if I had class III.
    Changed clips it would double then single, then triple, then single and full auto. Tried five brands of ammo and two different mags. Had to return to Taurus, Hope they can fix. Fired a 809 of a friend and loved it. Well such it the gun world — If it has moving parts it is subject to failture. Sure am glad I have been shooting for over fifty years and never trust and firearm that is new to me. Just my reminder always stay focused with a firearm!

  • Jose (Ret 1SG USA)

    809 Black excellent weapon

  • Dan

    I have a PT845. Great gun right off the bat. Starting to have issue with the 12 round mags feeding properly. seems to get wedged when it is fully loaded causing my gun to jam, problem seems to go away when I’m only loading 8 rounds. Does anyone else have this issue????

  • I would love to write a comment on my new taurus 809 but i cant because it was broke when i took it out of the case! brand new it wouldnt fire ,thought maybe because i was new to the gun the security system was on but the counter guy came down and confirmed it was broke.Cant believe they would send a gun from the factory with that kind of defect. think ill stick to revolvers!!

  • george

    Duoyou have an URL containing specifications?
    Thanks, George

  • Eldon Orton

    i was looking for the price of a 40.cal.Tauras series800 non ss pistol.
    Can any one help me? tnx Eldon

  • Looks pretty promising, I’m going to keep this gun in my sites

  • Pretty good pistol… Has it’s pros and cons, but, i would use it.

  • Dave

    Yeah…I can’t find the 800 series on the Taurus website either. I’m interested in the 800 series “compact” for concealment purposes…but can’t find any specs.

  • SFC Retired Army

    I have had my Taurus PT845 since 20 July 2010, last entry. I shoot it as often as I can and it is a sweet shooter too. It handles well, fits my medium sized hand and since I am left-handed, the ambidextrous safety, decock lever and mag release are a big help. Now I can drop a mag and load a lot quicker now, although the button was very hard to push at first (practice makes perfect-or nearly so). I love the double-stack magazines load capacity. It will feed as long as I have one loaded. No FTF or FTE. It is a great pistol but I don’t believe it was intended for concealed carry because of the thickness and barrel length. I have put mine in a 45 degree Blackhawk shoulder holster, which is the only way I can carry with my old man’s overlap. Oh, one more thing, PriceInsanity.com has the 845 mags for $30.11. Those are the cheapest I’ve found, that keeps them in stock. Taurus is great! Hooah.

  • SFC Retired Army

    Just bought a new 845, came with 2 magazines. Like James Sammons, it is difficult to find extra mags but there are a couple of places you can find them: http://www.calssportingarmory.com/Taurus_800_Series_45_ACP_12_Round_ .(got my extras there for $29.57; http://www.thegunsource.com/item/179468_Taurus_High_Capacity_Magazine_TAU_510845______MAG_845M_.aspx at 38.99 (way high); http://www.fn-herstal-firearms.com/item/174292_Taurus_High_Capacity_Magazine_MAG_TAURUS_800_SER_45ACP_.aspx (theirs is backordered) at $30.29 (good price); and http://www.glockworld.com/item/179468_Taurus_High_Capacity_Magazine_TAU_510845______MAG_845M_.aspx (way high priced) $38.99. Just Google this: “Taurus 800 Series 45 ACP 12 Round Magazine” and some should show up.

  • Just bought an 809 stainless. It is all that is advertised. Easy to break down and very accurate right out of the box. I was reading about the 800 series on your site and it explains that a person can shhot 10 rounds in a second. I believe this is a misprint. Might want to look into it. I purchased this gun brand new for 386 dollars. What a steal

  • Just bought an 809 stainless. It is all that is advertised. Easy to break down and very accurate right out of the box. I was reading about the 800 series on your site and it explains that a person can shhot 10 rounds in a second. I believe thi is a misprint. Might want to look into it. I purchased this gun brand new for 386 dollars. What a steal

  • matt

    Check out Cheaper Than Dirt for the mags. I just received mine today for the 840. Good Price Also.

  • james sammons

    I have a model PT845 taurus and cannot find extra magazines. I have contacted Taurus and was told”Give us back a jingle in a couple of months.” My dealers can not find a distributor who has them in stock. The magazines are not drop free and the magazine release is very tight with a magazine inserted. The release works freely when no magazine is in place. I am upset with the customer service I have received after two phone calls.

  • I recently acquired a PT840 and have nothing but praise for this pistol. It fits my hand extremely well, even better than my PT92 with wraparound rubber Hogues. It also has been very accurate and I’ve had no failures to feed, fire or extract. I’m impressed enough that I’m going to get a PT809 and PT845 at some point.

  • Hannie

    Hi I have a TAurus PT-92 Serial # TZD15616. I would like to get a Hexagonal grip screw either black or silver but cant find it. First of all it has different bushing and i cant find it anywhere. Can someone help me with this. please. Thanks

  • Tactical-Life.com

    Check out their new products section:


  • David

    I have checked the Taurus website and have found no mention of the 800 series pistol. Do you know why that is? Thanks!