TAURUS’ Slim 709

MIAMI – SLIM™ is the name of this suave new…


MIAMI – SLIM™ is the name of this suave new entry into the Taurus® line. Elegant in Blue and Stainless this small pistol can easily fit under a cummerbund or pair of bibs. No revealing lumps or lines make concealed carry easier than ever before. Cool, neat and ready to go – the Taurus Slim is the ideal companion for years to come. See a COMBAT HANDGUNS review of this gun!

The Model 709, available in 9mm, features a double action, 8+1 shot capacity and fixed sights. Lean and lightweight in design the pistol weighs just 19 ounces, measures a mere six inches long and is less than an inch thick.

Standard features for the 709 Series include a visual loaded chamber indicator, and the unique Taurus Security System® that allows users to securely lock the gun using an inconspicuous key-lock. MRSP $399.00 – 499.00.

For more information, visit www.taurususa.com

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  • Barry Esler
  • Barry Esler

    i need and EXTRACTOR for a taurus pt-709 any for sale

  • Peg Savino

    Has anyone found extended magazines for the Taurus 709? I was able to find the grip extension, but not the larger magazine.

  • Corbin Kingsbury

    Bought 709 slim yesterday. went right to the range. Gun was full of cosmoline yet ran through 2 boxes (Blazer)without a hiccup. Not the best looking gun, but good carry size and reasoably accurate considering its intended purpose. Great buy for the money.

  • Paul

    I have the PT740. The first 70 rounds were perfect. .40 kicks with a little flip but is very accurate out to 7 yards. Double taps were manageable. Recommend to those used to firing a 1911.

  • Mike Gomez

    Purchased about 2 month ago. Took it the range twice then it either wouldn’t fire and the trigger traveled about 1/2 inch before it fired. Took it back to the dealer to send back to Taurus. Got it back, took 3 weeks for repair. Taurus replaced the trigger bar and sear. So far I’m not convinced Taurus is a good buy. So far my reliable pistols have been Glock, Springfield, Rock Island and Ruger. Maybe this will only be my only Taurus buy.

  • john leandra

    1500 rounds in 3 weeks! Excellent

  • Dennis Moffitt

    I bought the PT709 about a year ago and have put about 1500 rounds through it with absolutely no Failure To Fire (FTF). I’m using Luger 9mm 115gr JHP only. I think its an easily concealable and convenient to carry in an inside waist holster.

  • Bob Parks

    I purchased a new 24/7 G2 45 Taurus and it was junk from the first round. At 20 foot the weapon would not hold a 2 foot grouping. I sent the weapon back to taurus 5 weeks ago and have not received it back yet. On their site it shows that the weapon is there but has not been repaired yet. I would highly recommend anyone desiring a high quality weapon to purchase anything other than a taurus weapon. In my experience, their weapons are junk and their customer service is non existant. Thank You!
    Bob Parks

  • Hk_User

    Weapon seemed fine for the first 30 rounds.

    Rounds were new from the store Winchester white box from walmart.

    Then I started to have FTF, as many as 4 in a mag.

    Cleaned it well, had already cleaned it before firing, went out again and the same thing. FTF.

    9 out of 10 times of FTF it would fire after the 2nd or 3rd time of using the weapon in DA.

    Inspection shows a very small/sharp imprint of the firng pin. I would like to see a recall and a better firing pin shape.

    I did try the same brand and box in my other 9mm and never had a FTF.

    This gun is near the Junk class if something is not redesigned by TAURUS.

  • Edwin Boyles

    I have just purchased the Taurus 709 slim and after shooting it realized this is one awesome conceal carry gun. The weather is getting warm now so I got the shorts out today and used my smart carry holster, at times I did’nt even notice the gun even being there. I have large hands so the short grip was not very comfortable, but problem solved, ordered a pearce grip extension today on ebay. It also has a crimson trace laser on the trigger guard which was easy to dail in at 20 yards and fits the gun like a glove, I just wish CT had put a on off switch on it. At the range fired 3 different rounds with no problems, it eat them all! So far so good,
    I highly reccomend. this gun for men or the ladys, it’s just the perfect size and 9mm to boot.

  • R. Westlake

    Purchased this one for my cw and 2nd firearm while on duty “class G”.

    Took it to the range today to give it a try out. Had to clean it 3 times before even considering to fire it. The stock stuff is this dark grey sticky crap. I used winchester 114 grn. All went ok on firing until round 80 or soo. Ejection error. The gun was simply filthy. Few quick wipes with a cloth and no prob. (I blame the ammo)

    The sights on it though.. ugg. The included tool feels too small. The rear adjustment is touchy to far to either extreme and it pops into a high placement. If you really tweak at it you can sight it in but be ready to work at it. Yes out of box hit’s VERY low left.

    I placed mag. grip extenders on it and made for MUCH better holding… no dangling pinky. Wife shot it as well with no prob.

    Happy with the purchase, Sad there are no higher capacity clips nor any word on any to come, o well.

  • I purchased a Taurus PT709 slim yesterday from localretailer.
    Went to range today pistol would not
    fire. It seemed as if trigger was not connected to firing pin. Took pistol back to retailer
    salesmen disassembled reassembled and appeared
    to work properly. Went back to range loaded and
    pistol fired one round and same malfunction occurred.Back to retailer tried another Pt709 seemed as firing pin not connected to trigger.Retail at loss to explain.I have no idea
    Retailer has refunded money and took pistol back.
    Any ideas would be appreciated. I really liked the feel of the pistol.

  • Hi everyone,
    Just surfing around and found this site. I have a PT 709 slim. I carry it everywhere and love it. It shoots straight on target. If you’re having trouble with low and left, concentrate on squeezing the trigger until the gun surprises you when it goes off. You might just be anticipating recoil, load the mag with different numbers of rounds and see if you jerk when you don’t have a round in the chamber. Better yet have someone else load the mags then you can’t count. 🙂

  • A Harris

    I purchased the Taurus PT740 and The Ruger LC9 Both aare great firearms never had a single problem with either. I always laugh when i hear some say that you have to spent thousands of dollars in order to find a quality firearm. These are the same people that speak about the accuracy of a firearm as opposed to their inadequate shooting ability. Give it a break1 The PT740 is a fine handgun.

    Dont spend thousands you work hard for your money. Buy what you need not what someone else is promoting. Be a leader not a follower. r

    God Bless.

  • ken

    some pretty bad info here right from the first sentence.
    1- capacity is 7+1 – not 8+1
    2- sights are adjustable – not fixed
    I’m still looking for an available 9+1 magazine but haven’t been able to locate one yet. hopefully soon. other than that I love this pistol. great carry pistol.

  • PT whoa!

    A great CCW gun. reliable accurate…its a great gun.

  • Denver

    I walked into the gun shop looked around for a while, and narrowed my selection down to 3 handguns. As I thought about it more, I realized if I was in a life or death situation, I would be shaking like a leaf, this would be the only gun I could cock with no hassle or worry. I love the design, weight and feel. I am very pleased with this handgun. As a petite woman (5ft 120pds)I have very small hands. so I love that a gun of this caliber can fit a woman like me. It makes a nice starter gun as well.

  • john P

    Ive had mine for a couple months with no problem except for the last two times out at the range shooting blazer brass and it failed to extract almost every other one just won’t extract and its been cleaned and oiled very little. I saw someone else had a problem with blazer brass and its never been a problem in my other guns that are not TAURUS has anyone else had a problem with this ammo.

  • SailorJ

    I just purchased the PT-740. I took it to the range and shot around 50 rounds as the range was over booked. Will go back this week and shoot another few hundred rounds. So far it seems like a nice gun.

    The main issue I had with the gun is that I had to spend around an hour cleaning up the gun after I purchased it. It was full of grease and what appeared to be left over residue from being tested.

    I have heard that Taurus ships all their guns that way. I for one think that they should take the time once they arrive in the US, that they are properly cleaned prior to being sold.

    I also am having a hard time looking for the 8+1 mag for this gun. Anyone find a good saurce as yet?

  • george

    I have a 740 ss .I love the gun performs flawlessly and is a great ccw.people should learn how to shoot before making stupid comments .the gun handled great for such a small 40. The only complaint is the hi cap mag being really hard to get your hands on it.

  • LHershey

    Had my Slim for almost a year now and absolutely love it. Great gun. Great price. I carry this gun for self defense and love it!!!

  • John Morrison

    The taurus slim pt 709 is a great gun. I shot about 3000 rounds in it and it was super and dead on the mag never drop out and never no problems with it if the mag drop out have somebody show you how to shoot. love the slim going to get the pt 740

  • Gym

    I can’t believe some of the comments I read here. Some guys need to get some experience with pistols. Of course you can see daylight between the slide and frame. And you shouldn’t shoot any gun, especially a $300 dollar one without stripping it down, cleaning out all the grease that they put in so it doesn’t rust between Brazil and Florida, and properlly luricate it with gun oil. just a drop. You need to do this on any new gun, that’s why some say shoot 300-500 rounds or more before it’s broken in, you are just polishing it when you do that.I have a 740 and it was one of the dirtiest new guns I have seen. I cleaned it 3 times bfore I was satified. You want an out of the box gun, spend a gouple bucks more and get Glock. That will shoot with sand in it. And the reason for the gun, is the weight caiber and thickness. If you carried for 40 years you would know this. Large caliber guns don’t usually lend themselves to concealment. This is the size of a 26 and weighs less. I have most all of the guns mentioned, and this fills a void between caliber and concealability. There are a million 9mm guns that fit the bill, not many 40’s. You want more rounds get a glock, just get some suspenders to go with it. And sights, this is for SD not target shooting. You won’t have time to aim. It shoots just fine.

  • rich nation

    I purchased this gun for my wife. It’s just too small for I 9mm. Okay for self defense but not a good target practice gun.
    MAGAZINES WILL NOT STAY IN GUN ! Took it back to dealer and they replaced the entire gun and the new one has EXACTLY THE SAME PROBLEM. Don’t know if Taurus is having issues with their magazines or the actual gun, but I’m extrememly displeased. Get what you pay for I guess. My springfield XD compact puts the Taurus to SHAME. I will be taking the Taurus back to the dealer (again) and hope I they can fix the problem or sell me another model…NOT a Taurus.

  • Top Brass

    Hey JHS: Yes, mine also shot low and left out of the box. Just adjust the rear sights and you’ll be grouping nicely at POA. I’m absolutely delighted with this little 9mm. It’s for my wife’s use but, man, I’m doing a lit of wishing that I had one, too.

  • JHS

    Just went to range for first time ever. Newly purchased 709 instructor had me shoot 22cal first. Good grouping and hit spots well. Not so lucky 709. hitting low left but I did catch myself several times pulling down before tigger pull. Last 7 of 50 grouped nice only down and left about4 inches. Took alot of concentration. She assured me it was not the gun. 50 rouns no problems.

  • Bill Tinker

    I have had my 709 for 5 months, put over 600 rounds through it with no problems.
    I just mounted a Crimson Trace Laser,model LG-447 which fit perfectly. Will be taking it to the range tomorrow for sighting in. This addition should make for an even better self defense, just put the dot on and fire.

  • haze

    Got mine a year ago. Put a hogue grip on it and epoxied a keltec pinky extension on the mag and now it’s perfect. I gave up on the 9 rd mags a long time ago.

    I had one fte in about 500 rounds but i think it was because of the ammo and i only cleaned it once when i first got it. I tend to buy the cheapest steel cased ammos like tulas and silver bears.

  • Rudu

    I have learned that failure to eject and sometimes failure to chamber can be caused by residual lubricant or cleaner fluid in chamber. Be sure to put your gun back together with NO residue in there……..contrary to what lubricants should do they can cause the round to drag slightly going in and jam up coming out…..neither condition is desirable especially that one time you need to depend on it.

  • jim fixit

    well, I have the 709 as well. The problem I seem to have is the mag release is in a horrible spot. By the time I wrap my hands around the pistol and get a good meld of left/right hand in the grip, I am forever inadvertantly pressing that release button. One or two shots is all I can get before the mag pops out…I keep trying to avoid that but it’s just “right in the way”. Any one with ideas? It’s not my primary weapon, it’s a backup to my Kimber 1911. What I want to avoid though is having to stop and think “okay which gun is this…what do I need to do different?” in the heat of a problem.

  • Dave

    Purchased a new 709 a few months ago. Did quick clean to get excess grease off of slide and frame. Fired 50 rounds no problems but when I did thorough cleaning noticed pitting in the barrel. Called Taurus and just sent the barrel back and unfortunately took almost 8 weeks because on back order. Have SS slide version but they sent me blued barrel back instead and actually I like the look against the SS slide so will keep it the way it is.

  • Rudu

    Before buying the PT709 I read all the reports I could find, compared weights, compared sizes, compared prices, warranties, etc. like you have all probably done but what sealed the deal for me was the 9 round mags that EVERY article I read said were available. After my purchase the 9 round mags seem to magically become UNAVAILABLE!!!! Kinda chapped my raw place but I still love the gun. Longer mags would give my hands a better grip and I think, for me, better control over the tendency to torque low and left. Maybe just wishful thinking but if anyone comes across any mags for the PT709 please send up a flare. Thanks

  • Rudu

    I had same problem of hitting low and left with new 709 as others report. Finally found I was torquing low and left by not pulling the trigger straight back. Use pad of finger, not joint, and get a firm grip with other fingers and other hand if necessary. Dry firing slowly while watching sight picture showed my movement. Pratice the way you shoot and you will eventualy shoot the way you practice.

  • john kyker

    on my earlier post i meant to say 21 feet instead of yards.

  • john kyker

    I have a unbelieveable story,i have a 709 and like it very well,but after about 600 rounds it did have a extractor problem,so i called taurus and they sent me a shipping label within 5 minutes took it to fed ex that evening that was on 8/27/10 got a e-mail 3 days later and said gun was repaired and would be back by 9/7/10 before 10:30 am.I have read for years about storys people not having thier guns for months,plus how taurus sucks which i never bought into anyway,but this deal really blowed my mind also.a 1 week turn around,WOW.like i have said before folks please dont believe everything you read on the net,no i dont believe taurus is as good as a kimber ,glock,smith,springfield, and i could go on.but every one i have had has been very good guns without a doubt.i have had two mill pros 40 and 9 and the slim,they are defence pistols not precision target guns,so dont expect them to be.practice at 21 yards and be done with it with these type of guns.just my two cents.

  • DaveL

    Update: My 709 came back from Taurus in less than 2 weeks, good turn time. Supposedly they “repaired” and “replaced” something but didn’t provide any detail. For the shooting low and left it says “adjusted”. Interesting, I had the rear site adjusted all the way up and to the side. Wonder how they could ‘adjust’ more than that? So I had sent the gun off through the shop I purchased the weapon from. We are standing at the counter looking at the gun together and it took only a second to notice something funky with the sites. Am I seeing this correctly? I show it to the guy at the counter. Yep, he sees it too. They had the rear site cranked so hard to the side that it is pulled up at a slant to the right side making the rear dots no longer horizontal to the slide. Interesting!? So how does one align the dots when rear are at an angle? Great, back it goes to Taurus. Can’t believe they even sent it back in this condition as being “repaired”. BTW, the smith verified that as the rear site is adjusted closer to the max side (right) the site begins sloping up to the side. The wait begins again…

  • ToddMac

    I just sent my 709 Slim back to Taurus last week. Prob have about 300 rounds thru it and it began to have FTE every few rounds. Took it apart and discovered a part of the ejector is broken off… Also have been having light strike FTFs at a rate of 1 per every 25 rounds or so….a follow up pull of the trigger sometimes would fire it and sometimes not. Sad because this is a great feeling weapon in hand and a great size in the IWB but I can’t rely on something like that. Once I get it back then it will have to run flawless to earn it’s right back as a carry weapon. Taurus has thus far been great to deal with, I called last week and they sent Fed Ex the next day to pick it up from my house and ship it next day air. They said about 3 weeks delay on repairs right now.

  • ATL Tanner

    Bought a 709 Slim back in March. Feels great inside the waist. The size is right, but, BUT, the sights are screwed up. The front sight is attached with a screw through the slide. After holstering once the front sight stripped from the screw. Dealer I bought it from reattached it with gunsmith’s epoxy and haven’t had it come loose since but the sight is slightly freaking cockeyed. Rear sights lose their correct adjustment from recoil after 25-50 rounds so you have to dial it back in. 300 rounds through it with no FTFs or FTEs. Finally got around to shipping it back. UPS says arrival tomorrow. More after I get info (and the gun) back from Taurus in Miami. Tritium sights would be nice.

  • DaveL

    Took my brand new SS 709 out for the first time today. I have a Taurus Pt140 Millennium Pro that has been absolutely flawless for years so I was real hopeful this would be just as good. Wow! Was I in for a disappointment. I cleaned the gun before shooting to remove all the grease. A friend and I shot 50 rounds of Federal round ball and about 20 rounds of HP. We had at least 1 FTE on just about every mag, sometimes multiple per mag. Most of the time the slide failed to lock back after the last round. I have never been so frustrated with a firearm in my life. I had read about good and bad experiences with this weapon and I was hoping I would be one of the ones to post a positive thumbs up. To think I sold my Kel-Tec 9mm for this. I never liked the trigger on the KT but I was confident it would always go bang, never had a single failure with it. Just could never talk myself into liking that trigger. I guess its time to find out what the Taurus service is like. 🙁

  • JohnG

    I have a new 709B in SS. Cleaned it, then put 100 rounds of WWB 124gr RNFMJ through it. No malfunctions. Shot low and left 6 inches at 25 feet out of box. Adjusted full right and full up, still 2 inches low and left, which is acceptable. I like it.

  • Dealer showed me 4 others with the same gap and told me it was ok. I believe this also now. Cleaned all the jelly like whatever lubricant out of it that taurus ships it with. Used Winchester cleaner, lubricant, preservitive. Does anyone have any opinions on that stuff? Seems to easy to use to be good. Haven’t fired it yet but it looks like a good conceal weapon. Like the trigger guard.

  • B Kirk

    M Haze: If it’s just a mm or so, that’s not unusual. There’s about that much spacing for my G26.

  • Bought a 740 slim yesterday. Got home and realized I could see through it. I can see the spring and light going through the slide and frame. Is this normal? May bring it back to the dealer but I have a feeling they will tell me it’s normal as to not have to refund.

  • John in AZ

    I have had My slim fro about a year and have had zero problems with it. Easily 500-600 rounds through it without any jams. I think most of the problems people have had had more to do with the ammo and cleaning than with the gun itself. It is a great CCW gun. I am looking for the larger capacity mags that were supposed to be available for it though.

  • Donald Leo

    Just had my slim 9 sent back to Taurus, took it to the range on saturday and Put about 150 rounds of winchester (white Box) threw it when it stoped ejecting the spent cartrage and the slide was elevated above the receive. Tppk it apart and found that two peace of the recever slide had broken off. I have two other friends with slim 9’s and neather have had this problem I know one of them has put over 400 rounds threw his the other guy has not used his much. hope this is an isolated proble.

  • RickM

    The 709 Slim is always in my pocket or at my side. The long trigger pull took some getting used to, but that’s OK. The only issue (if you want to call it that) is my chambered round indicator is not that noticeable. Still looking for the 9 shot mag! Great hand gun.

  • JJ

    I fired my Taurus 709 slim for the first time today and it fired great. No misfires or misfeeds. The only think I didn’t like was the trigger squeeze. I have to pull the trigger all the way back before it fires, since the handle is thin and short it made the trigger squeeze awkward. The gun fits into the holster really well and was able to conceal carry all day with no problems.

  • Did Taurus not have a recall on failure to feed & failure to eject.I have looked at the 709 but am to afraid to gamble on buying one due to all the bad reviews. I have not read any info that Taurus has corrected the problems on the guns they are sending out after all the problems.Guess I will keep waiting till I here Taurus has fixed the problem on production instead of buy our product if you get a bad one send it to us. Why can’t the dealer swap out the guns and them send them back ?? Thank you

  • rob

    i have just bought the 709 slim and i love it ! i was looking at a few brands and chose this one due to the great concealed carry size. did do some research on you tube and discussions online glad i did, was informed of the assembly grease used that must be cleaned out before use. if grease is not removed it will cause jams and really dirty it up after a few rounds. i cleaned it very well before first shooting it, it has worked flawlessly after 300 rounds no problems, did have one bullet missfire but suspect bad primer it was an old load a few years old. a pinky extension would be great and i also hope crimson trace makes a front trigger or grip laser for it.it seemed to shoot a tighter pattern for me with 124 grain loads. it also shot a little low for me i changed my grip a bit and bent arms at elbow a bit cured it for me. i recomend at least firing one at a range if you can if you are thinking about one, you might just fall in love with it, i did.

  • REY

    i have had this gun since March.At first I was shooting low and everywhere to be honest.then a old man came up to me and said ” hey mr cop that isnt a glock ,take your finger out of the trigger ” ande boy was he right ! just hit the trigger with the tip of ur finger ! if you wana see how wobbley you shoot put a hollow point bullet by your front fight and with the gun unladed PLEASE, hit the trigger if the bullet falls then u need practice. JUST REMEMBER ! FINGER OF THE TRIGGER USE THE TIP !

  • Rags

    Got this a week ago at a gun show, shot it for the first time yesterday. Glad I read other comments here first tho! As others have noted this gun is FILTHY from the factory. The slides especially, i was really surprised at the amount of crud i took out of them with some cleaning brushes.

    Put 100 rounds of Winchester white box through it, no problems what so ever. Fantastic little gun, I’m very happy with this purchase! Needed to adjust the rear sight, it was shooting low left. Looks like they just attach it at the factory without doing any adjustments at all.

    Looking forward to the release of some extended mags for it, and maybe night sights or a laser grip. I really enjoy shooting it, I would definitely recommend it.

  • Terry Rodgers

    I like the 709 slim fine but I read that there was a 9 round magazine to be available.. Where is it? And a nice finger extension like the Ruger SR9c would be nice, I think it would improve your grip.

  • dave

    Got stainless version 709, love it, it bit me once…slide nipped left thumb I was using wrong grip method apparently, but after my lesson, I have had no problems yet after 300+ rounds through it. Easy disassembly and great safety features,very slim ccw gun for sure. Cons are needs extended mag for that crucial pinky wrap to help accuracy and sensate control,also wish for crimson trace to work their magic on this sweet 9.

  • Jeff L

    I am a new gun buyer, here to buy my first pt709 taurus,im having a hard choice between the pt709,pt738,ruger LCP,and a keltec9 or 11,all are nice guns in my price range but i dont know which one i wanan buy for a first handgun, i know they are different caliber and all but im gonna have to go with either a 709 or a ruger lcp, if u have ne advice id like to hear it please.

  • Dean Lambert

    Just picked up my “Slim 9” and it is a huge difference from my Springfield XD9 Subcompact. Put one on top of the other and the dimensions are nearly the same — barrel, grip, etc. But the width makes all the difference, as advertised. This will be the one I carry. Now, to the folks who have had issues with firing the weapon (jams, etc.). I know you’d love for your gun to be flawless, but consider giving it a good cleaning before firing it the first time. Mine was brand new but upon field dressing I found it was filthy. I cleaned it up and fired 250 rounds with no problems whatsoever. Many guns will be fine out of the box … to those who had difficulties with their new Taurus, break it down and clean it; then let the gun prove itself. Hope this is helpful.

  • Tom Ralston

    I’ve had my PT709 for two months and have had nothing but problems with FTE’s. I contacted customer service and they suggested American made 115 grain ammo, did not fix the problem. Just left the range where a new problem surfaced. The gun began misfiring, I had the ranger try and he had same problem. Going to call customer service Monday and hope to send it back.

  • bought a tauras pt709 jams with me and frinds. sent it back to the factory. paid 425 at dealer so they sent it back free. Hope they fix it. Yes I was screwed so buy a colt or smith

  • eebigsky

    Anyone out there found where you can pickup a Taurus Model PT709 Slim Magazine 9 round I have yet to see anyone selling them?

  • Chadf

    I have a taurus 709 slim. And the magazine would fall out while shooting. I didn’t realy want to mess with sending it back to taurus and go through the shiping and all that. (((FIXED)) I just looked in the gun at the bottom to see what side of the Magazine the pin catches in the magazine. Bent the magazine out just enough for the pin to catch. I think when the magazine is punched out it is bent in a little to much.((WORKS GOOD))!!! now

  • GeorgeM

    Have had my 709 Slim for about three months now; so far it’s been a great little semi-auto. Not my primary range 9mm, but serves as my carry piece. Made sure I thoroughly cleaned it before firing anything through it, and it’s so far performed flawlessly, even with 115gr Winchester WB ammo that others elsewhere have reported FTF/FTE issues with. Probably about 400 rds so far through my 709, roughly 50-60% of it WinWB. Only feed failure I’ve had was two rounds from the first box of Magtech 115gr I ran through the 709, both the first round in two separate mags (my Sig P229 also had problems w/ ammo from that box); the remainder of the mags fired fine. Later boxes of Magtech have not been a problem. Not the most accurate gun around; for me beyond 7 yds it’s a handful to get tight groupings. The factory default sighting was never aligned for anything (elevation was cranked all the way down), but as a CQ concealed carry piece it seems like it would do its job; hopefully I never have to find out. Only wish that night sights were available for it, and that there was a better selection of holsters.

  • Hello everyone. If you’re interested in the 709 or other Taurus Slim models be sure to check out this more recent article from Pocket Pistols 2010: http://www.tactical-life.com/exclusives/taurus-slim-guns-compacts/

  • Gary Winkler

    Any comment on how hard it is to pull the slide back? Am replacing a Beretta 3032 Tomcat cause my wife couldn’t budge the slide.

    Understand this may be a typical problem for pocket guns.

  • Jim

    Purchased barely used blue mod 2 wks ago, fired 200 rnds ball & HP,115 & 124 gr from 3 manufacturers. No failures, sights adjusted rounds to point of aim. I’ll shoot another 200 because it’s used, something must have been wrong with it! Sights, thumb safety & cal were selling points. Barring catastrophic failure, I will buy a Ti version when they finally hit the shelves.

  • Tim

    I had the same problem on my 709, one of my magazines kept popping out. I called customer service, they had me mail it back and they sent me a brand new one and it works fine.

  • Shot about 200rds. had about 25 ftf, sending it back customer service are dicks.

  • I love the 709 and also own a 24-7 pro 9mm but I am having a problem with the clip on my 709, If I bump it a couple of times slightly with my hand or even hold it in a certain position while shooting, the clip just comes out, doesnt seem to be holding the clip very securely, has anybody experienced the same problem, and is there an easy fix?

  • Michael Riley

    I recently purchased a 709 and was pleasantly surprised with the pistol. The trigger took a little getting used to after shooting Glocks Model 23c and 35. Target acquisition was very good with white dot sights and accuarcy was far better than I had hoped at 30 feet. A nice gun and easy to conceal. I could even use the holsters from my Glock 23c. I recommend this pistol to anyone wanting a conceal carry light weight pistol. Great job Taurus!

  • Joe Esway

    Does anyone know if the Taurus 709 has a larger capacity magazine or an addition to the magazine that will keep my pinki in line with the other fingers?

  • mberini

    the 709 fits a desantis holster made for a s&w sigma.fits real nice.

  • Lamar

    I was able to finally track one down and I love it man. Just love it. Ran 350 rounds 3 light strikes which shot after the double strike feature. Awesome. Light trigger pull. Beautiful feel. Very is easy to carry. Fits in my front and back pocket. Use a IWB uncle mikes # 15 holster fits very good. Honestly I was very worried about the guns performance due to all the bad reviews out there, but Taurus made my lil 709 perfect. I will be using this as my new ccw piece. Oh yeah. My 709 is called olive oil, loud skinny and will make a guy go crazy! Get one it’s hot but be careful there are lemons out there.

  • Scott

    I’ve had my 709 for 7 or 8 months and it has replaced all my other concealed carry guns. I’ve got between 500 and 600 rounds with one stovepipe and twice the slide failed to lock back on an empty mag. Doesn’t matter what ammo I’ve used. I’m too slim (pun intended) to pocket carry this or gun so I had to solve my own holster problems. E-mail me at ccsholsters@yahoo.com for pictures. I’ve sold 4 of these things to very happy customers. Have it when you need it!

  • BF

    Got a Slim today and put one box (50 rounds) through it straight out of the plastic wrap. No issues, fires great. I really like the trigger pull, it has a bit of “travel” but once you get to the firing spot the next shot is very quick. Fits good in the hand, has a bit of a kick but its a small 9mm its going to kick. Accuracy isnt fantastic but i was shooting cheap ammo (pmc)and even right out of the box i hit the every shot inside the rings on the target. with some practice im sure ill get better. one note disassembly in the manual fails to mention pulling in the trigger to release the slide. i found in on the net. you have to pull back the slide, then at the same time pull down the two slide release buttons (both sides of the gun) THEN while holding down the slide release buttons pull in the trigger and then and only then the slide will come off. its tricky first time but after you get it once its easier to repeat. spring and barrell come out easy. i really like the gun and after one day of ownership i would recommend it. here in FL the retail price was $409. ive seen it in a few spots for about the same price.

  • Dave

    Purchased mine 12/22, cleaned it up and went to the range. Shot 140 rounds, no failures with Remington or Hydra Shok ammo, but had failures to eject problems with Blazer Brass, (had never used this brand before and won’t use it again.)
    As others state this is not a precision instrument but after constantly raising the rear sight a little at a time I got to the point that I was hitting the part of the target I wanted to hit and was shooting not quite rapid fire but very aggressively in an attempt to simulate a defensive response. Very impressed so far and I’m sure with more time in things will oly get better.

  • CW

    The one thing I forgot was that the trigger resets very quick after the first shot! You only have to barely let it out and BAM, BAM< BAM!

  • CW

    Awesome gun! First at the gun shop I compared the Kahr PM9, Kel-Tec PF9, Taurus 709, and PPS. The Kahr is the smallest of the four by a noticeable amount. The rest are very similar size. The Kel-tec edges out the PM9 for lightness. The Kahr has a nice short smooth double action trigger. The PPS a rough trigger but that would probably change after some use. I think the best competition for the 709 is the PPS. The Kel-tec is cheaper feeling than the others. The Kahr is expensive and from what I have heard the least reliable of the four. I shot a few mags through the PPS. It shot decent but accurate but the trigger felt rough and slow to reset like the spring was weak. Two others shooting the PPS had repeated malfunctions. I had none. It may have been a limp wrist problem. Anyways I bought the 709 with enthusiasm. It felt great in the hand. Light but not so light that it recoils too much. Thin and compact enough to carry in almost any situation. The trigger system is sweet. It is safe and it is something that I have never seen in any gun before. The first shot has a long light take up with a decent strong resistance at the end before breaking crisp. The result is a very accurate shot and one that you can’t accidently discharge. This gun is unbelievably accurate. Immediately after buying it I went to break it in and make sure I could trust my life with it. I shot Magtech, American Eagle, Lawman, Corbon 115 +P, Speer Gold Dot 124 +P, Gold Dot 147 Gr, and Armscor ammo. Over 300 rounds later I had 0 malfunctions! The Corbon +p had some kick to it but other than that all were easy to shoot. I have it loaded with Speer Gold Dot 124 Gr +P for defense. I am very confident in this firearm. It compares very well to the others I have including Sig Sauer, Colt, and many Glocks.

  • joseph obvat

    I just bought one, very nice ergonomics, shoots low and left a little bit, adjustment in back a joke, accuracy, grouping is great.
    It jammed couple of time, may be the ammo., I will try my Springfield xd tomorrow with the same ammo to see if ammo was the cause of it or not.
    I fould a great holster for it easy to conceal,

  • I purchased mine last month, and have shot 140 rounds so far with no problems. It shoots low and the rear sight doesn’t adjust very much. Was shooting at 25 feet and it shoots very good, but it is not a target pistol. I wanted a pistol that was concealable and this met the needs.

  • I purchased mine in late Oct. and so far have only run 140 rounds through it. No problems of any kind.
    It shoots low, and there is not much adjustment in the rear sight. I shot at 25 feet and the hits were adequate, but it is not a target pistol by any chance.

  • Lou Cori

    Bought a 709 for #352.00 and have shot about 140 rounds so far. Rear sights are not too great for elevation. At 25 feet, kept most of the shots where I wanted them. Nice pistol for it’s size, and easily concealable. No one really has a holster for it yet.

  • randy

    I,purchased this gun 4 months ago. i use it for my concealed i like its size and features. i wish there was a magazine exstension but i will survive. I have fired 800 round through it and it has not jammed nor misfired one.I even fired 100 round rapid fire with no issues so I would highly reccomend this gun for concealed carry .they need to make an official holster though

  • PJM

    Got mine at the gun show in Akron, Ohio, listed for $389 purchased for $325. Took to range and put first 100 rounds through with out any problems. Very accurate. Impressed for it’s size.

  • Christopher Hill

    After sending gun to Miami for failure to extract atleast once on every magazine, i now have the gun back. Looks like they replaced the slide and barrel and stamped same original seriel numbers on it. Doesnt matter as it works perfect and have since fired 150 rounds with no malfunctions. Accuracy is impressive even with adrenaline dumping 8 rounds at approximatly 7 yards. Recoil is easily controlled for single stack light subcompact and gun would be fit for female or someone with light recoil need

  • Randy

    Russ, what ammo were you using?

  • Russ

    I just got back from the range with my new stainless “slim”, and I love it. I fired 250 rounds with zero problems. Accuracy is amazing for such a small gun. It was between the 709 and a PPS, but the slim won out due to the price. I also considered a PF-9, but they are hard to find. I was surprised how comfortable it was to shoot, and how it worked so well with my large mitts. Home run!

  • Lisa T

    R Grimm, have you gotten your 709 back from repair yet and if so is it in good working order?

  • dmills

    Wow pistols are a little more expensive here in Michigan. Early left a deposit down on blue steel one. I’ve gone to 2 other dealers to shop around and neither of them have the model. The one I left the deposit was the last of the two that the dealer had. I fell in love with the touch of it. Can’t wait til later on today to pick it up, then Saturday morning here I come range. $466.00 with tax.

  • dmills

    Wow pistols are a little more expensive here in Michigan. Early left a deposit down on blue steel one. I’ve gone to 2 other dealers to shop around and neither of them have the model. The one I left the deposit was the last of the two that the dealer had. I fell in love with the touch of it. Can’t wait til later on today to pick it up, then Saturday morning here I come range.

  • Picked one up at Bass Pro for $349.00. Gun seems like a cross between a Glock, Springfield XD and Walther PPS. I love it. It shot flawlessly and to point of aim. Best carry gun imo.

  • Avallejo

    I shot the first 100 round through the gun, I am VERY impressed. Very accurate and smooth for a carry gun.

  • Greg

    Great Gun – My wife loves it. At 10 yards she is deadly. Nice fit for her hand. Fits in my front pocket. We had one jam on the second shot. Then the next 148 shots were flawless. Got it at Academy for $350.

  • ginger

    I had to send this pistol back to the factory for repairs. The gun misfired and would not eject spent casings 25% of the time. Very troubled by the poor performance.

  • Scrounger

    Less than two weeks after buying my Taurus 709 Slim in blue, my local firearm shop called to say they had just taken delivery on their first stainless 709 and wondered if I was interested or knew someone who might be. “Oh yeah? OK. I’m on my way. Put my name on it.” Done. Love it.

  • Eric

    I just picked one up at Bass Pro for 349.00 + tax and check. Nice little handgun……super slim…..feels good in your hand. So small you could but it in your pants pocket, jacket or even small waist pack. Love it so far, can’t wait to shoot it…….

  • R Grimm

    I bought one on these guns from Sportsman Supply.Pa. I first noticed you can see light between the slide and the frame. I didn’t let it worry me but when I took it to the range It was a different thing. The gun miss fired more then anyone would it to and if you needed it to save your life you better be in good standings with the man upstairs.I had to send it back for repairs . Hope it comes back better.

  • Dr. Michael Cox

    I see the Model 709 Slim 9MM advertised in today’s ads for Vance Outdoors Inc. and Buckeye Outdoors, for $349.99 in blue.

  • Scrounger

    Got my Taurus 709 yesterday and it fits my back pocket like a glove. No holster needed. And, it’s head and shoulders better protection than a .380 acp. Try the Hornady Critical Defense 115 gr. FTX ammo. Excellent hollow point round.

  • Rick Wilson

    709 Shoots well handles good shot 50 rounds then shoot SCCY 9mm it was a hand full but the Taurus feels good in your hand good grouping at 15yds.

  • Greg B

    BassPro shops just started selling the 709B Slim this week for about $350.00 plus tax. They are great!

  • CQ Howard

    Finally got to take my new 709 to the range and put about 100 rounds through it. The feel and function of the gun were great, and the trigger is fantastic. I shot it side by side my friends Kel-tec and there was no comparison. The 709’s trigger take up is smooth and easy and the final pull is short and crisp. I am very pleased with my purchase.


  • Christopher Hill

    I picked up a Taurus Slim 709 9mm today at Academy Sports in Spartanburg, SC for $349.99+tax. Great feel, very smooth lines. Cant wait to get to the range.

  • rbzzo

    They are now being distributed for sale. I saw one in a shop in Poplar Bluff, Mo on 7-3-2009.
    Not like the first Gen.1 pictured above, but like the pictured in the Taurus catalog of new products.

  • CQ Howard

    I just picked one up in SW Virginia for $401 with taxes et al. Feels nice in the hand and comes with a second mag. Not the extended 9+1 one but nice none the less. Can’t wait to shoot it tomorrow.

  • RichardH

    This Taurus Model 709B (PT709 “SLIM” 9mm) is available at Academy Sporting Goods and the price was $399.95.

  • The reason for this gun over the PT111 is concealment man….. It’s slim..single stack… that difference in thickness is everything when you’re carrying concealed.



  • Larry Kasprzyk

    …taurus website states …”available 4th qtr. 2008″…It is now mid March 2009, and I have yet to see a 709 at any Gun Store or Gun Show (and we have a LOT here in Texas). Is there any info out there? Is it going to be the same with the new model 738 .380?

  • sciabbica

    is this gun available now and what does cost

  • Tactical-Life.com

    I would doublecheck Taurus’ customer care section on http://www.taurususa.com to see if there are other dealers closer to you. There are no dealers in the manhattan area, but there is one in bk and one bx:



  • Ken Silverman

    Please advise which dealer in the New York City area has the largest selection of Taurus Pistols in stock. A friend and I wish to purchase a pistol but want to see them in “real time”. Thank You:
    Mr. Kenneth Silvermam