Taurus Zombie Responder

Based upon the popular Raging Judge Magnum, the new Zombie…


Based upon the popular Raging Judge Magnum, the new Zombie Defender from Taurus is a prototype weapon for fighting the zombie hordes! Capable of firing .454 Casull, .45 Colt, and both 2.5″ and 3″ .410 shotshells, the Zombie Responder should be ready to provide just the right medicine for those zombies breathing down your neck. (taurususa.com; 305-624-1115)


Taurus Zombie 2

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  • stiggy

    This gun is real its a several academy sports for $449 its got a plain black handle but is the same gun

  • AJ

    I have to say this is a cool gun. People who think zombies aren’t real, well they are! I guess you have never met a pill head, they mite as well be the walking dead.

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  • Hummiel

    .454 Casull to shoot a zombie? sounds Overkill for me… Hell, I like it!

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  • Glomp Me

    I wonder when gun manufacturers are going to figure out that “zombie outbreak” started as a gun board euphemism for “black people robbing me”.

  • somedude

    In my opinion this zombie thing was cool at first but now its just a hipster fad at first I didnt care and still Dont but first ammo now guns its turning guns into a joke it doesnt affect my life in the least I just Dont want firearms to turn in to a fad

  • Alex

    It’s a fake…. 🙁

  • J Hughes

    Brains… brains… use your brains! This gun is stupid looking beyond belief. Taurus makes crappy guns and this one takes the cake.

  • FlintSmithy

    To anyone who has to have one, take a good look at what we have here. Standard tarus gun, some paint, and laser engraving. This could be replicated quite easily. Do some looking around in your area for some one who is setup to do laser engraving, add some duracoat, and presto. Be original, I mean you don’t want to be standing there, defending the last of human civilazation, and look around and see everyone wore the same dress to the prom, I mean brought the same gun to the fight. Point is, any gun you already have can be made into a Zombie Responder. Go get some.

  • Loki

    I want it!

  • Sharpie

    Too all the idiots that are saying “This zombie nonsense has gotten completely out of control. It is very disheartening that reputable firearms industry companies have jumped on this ridiculous band wagon.” because companies are making these guns or ammo, it’s fun, it gets people buying them, and when websites are saying “prepare for Z-Day” they are really saying “prepare for any natural or man-made disaster”…..other than the rambo types, zombie survival planning can be modified for ACTUAL survival, I am part of a zombie survival site (Which led me to this site) but I don’t believe zombies will rise, but it IS a fun way to get people into survival. Either learn to live with this zombie populare culture or ignore it, do not whine about it online.



  • Deicide

    Does anybody know where I can actually get one of these “Zombie Responders”. I saw this and love it! I need it in my life, but I can’t find them on any website or in any stores around here. Where do I go to get one of these? And roughly, how much does it cost?

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  • Brimic

    It should be called the ‘Darwin Responder.’
    If a zombie outbreak really were to happen, put the wielder of this chunk of iron up front to be eaten when his cylinder locks up from bullets backing out of casings under recoil.

  • BubbaJ

    I can use this for backpacking. 410 loaded for snakes, 454 loaded for bear, and any goblins will fall down laughing, so I can E&E to safety. This is just full of WIN…. and Tiger’s blood.

  • ljgrohn

    Haven’t you ever played CoD zombies? The revolver is a one shot kill all the way until level twenty. 🙂

  • Steve writes: “reputable firearms industry companies have jumped on this ridiculous band wagon.”

    And Taurus, too? OMG!

  • What Tony said. The fact is, all these companies making “Zombie” guns are doing it for fun, and buyers of them are having the same fun. And anything that gets more guns out there amongst the populace is a worthwhile effort.

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  • Taurus continues to offer nothing I want to buy.

  • Tam

    It’s official. Zombies have jumped the shark.

    On the other hand, this gun will be a very valuable contribution to range safety, especially since it’s so hard to get people to wear the “Watch my muzzle, because I’m a moron” tee-shirts.

  • Aaron

    That is feekin awsome. You have no idea how many of my friends and i would buy one of these just because it has Zombie Responder on it, and it shoots the massive 454 you just cant beet the 3 callibers in one.

  • General Jim M

    So,what’s the story on the 28 gauge Judge? Is it going to be legal or not? That would be a good candidate for a zombie gun.Is it possible to do a 20 gauge?

  • General Jim M

    I feel sorry for the person, who defends himself with this gun and then has to face a real judge in court.Explaining the ZOMBIE part is gonna take a very good lawyer.

  • Bolweevil

    You’re so right Viking. Everybody knows the best tool for this job is an AK-47 with a double drum.
    But! In a pinch, 6 rds. of .454 Casul might give
    you enough of an edge in a tight spot.
    Pay no heed to the yankee liberals. They will be eaten first.
    “Never put the shotgun down.”

  • Tony

    People should stop complaining about zombie guns, or zombie ammo. It’s funny, and people will buy it. Let’s be glad that we have companies that are doing well enough to make them, and enough people doing well enough to buy them. I’d like to have one, even if it was more of an interesting piece than a useful one.

  • Todd D

    Steve got to go too. The ZA is coming, be prepared!!

  • Steve

    This zombie nonsense has gotten completely out of control. It is very disheartening that reputable firearms industry companies have jumped on this ridiculous band wagon.

  • Anonja

    Kate. . . GTFO!

  • Kate

    Why the hell are you manufacturing/packaging guns that look like toys.

  • A revolver for fighting zombies? You’d probably have better odds with a weed eater. You really have to train to be fast reloading a revolver, even with speed loaders. If you’re going to fight zombies then you need a high cap pistol with lots of mags. At least 16 rounds per magazine. Its a nice looking gun, but its really the wrong tool for the job. If its all you have, its better than a sharp stick at range, but just barely.

  • A.J

    I must have!!!