Team Spartan: Intro to Semi-Automatic Pistol

This 2-day training course provides a structured format for students…

This 2-day training course provides a structured format for students to transition from revolver to the semi-automatic pistol. This course also provides students currently using a semi-automatic pistol with formal training on nomenclature, operation and basic gun-handling skills. This hands-on class prepares students for live-fire drills and tactical application of the semi-automatic pistol. Upon completion of this course, the student will possess the fundamental skills necessary to participate in the Basic Defensive Pistol Skills Development course.

The following topics will be covered:
– Firearms safety
– Transition from revolver to semi-automatic pistol
– Transition to striker fired semi-automatic pistol
– Nomenclature of the semi-automatic pistol
– Disassembly / re-assembly of the semi-automatic pistol
– Mechanical operation of the semi-automatiic pistol
– Fundamentals of shooting
– The natural action stance and thumbs forward grip
– Basic gun-handling skills
– Presentation from ready pistol
– Presentation from the holster
– Loading / unloading the semi-automatic pistol
– Ammunition management
– Malfunction clearance drills
– Methodology of shooting the semi-automatic pistol
– Preventive maintenance and cleaning
– Awareness of exposure to toxic metals and solvents
– Standard drill evaluation

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