Ted Nugent

MY FIRST GUN: A Winchester .22 bolt-action single-shot rifle, my…

MY FIRST GUN: A Winchester .22 bolt-action single-shot rifle, my dad’s gun really, that I first shot when I was around 2 or 3.

FROM WHO? My dad gave it to me for safekeeping since I bought my first farm around 1971 where we could all gather to shoot and hunt.

ITS MEANING TO ME: It sits in a beautiful hand-crafted gun cabinet in our little cabin on some sacred family hunting grounds in Michigan, and it is a tangible link to a wonderful, fascinating life of fun with my amazing family.

IF I ONLY HAD ONE: My LaRue Tactical .308

My dad, Warren Henry Nugent, was a drill sergeant in the U.S. Army and was a bit of a gun guy. Along with our Uncle John, my mom, brothers and sister would gather for weekend picnics down the Detroit River near Monroe and always had a blast shooting various guns. Both of them demanded adherence to ultra-strict gun handling safety, and “aim small miss small” was relentlessly drilled into our heads.

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  • Thanks Ted

    The ACU’s look great on you btw! : D

  • Uncle Ted, you are an inspairation to all safe hunters, sportsmen, and Gun owners. you have sparked memories of shooting with my Dad and hopes that my kid with have same memories. All three of my kids shoot with me!!!


  • Awlhattin O’Kaddle