Textron M1117 Armored Security Vehicle

This vehicle is a new entry of armor from Textron…


This vehicle is a new entry of armor from Textron Systems. Labeled the M1117 Armored Security Vehicle, this rugged, highly mobile, 4×4 wheeled armored vehicle is currently under full production for the U.S. Army’s military police. It is also part of UN peacekeeping missions, particularly in the Balkans. There are many other versions available including a personnel carrier, a recon platform, mortar carrier, ambulance, countermine, and an RSTA (Reconnaissance Surveillance & Target Acquisition).

Because the armor is designed to be bolt on, additional protection can be added depending on the level of ballistic protection required. The weapon station at the top of the vehicle can be equipped with either a 40mm or a .50-caliber weapon system.

Weight (GVW): 29,560 pounds
Length: 237 inches
Width: 101 inches
Height: 102 inches
Ground Clearance: 18 inches
Top Speed: 65+ mph
Range: 440 miles
Fording: 60 inches
Engine: 260 horsepower Cummins
Transmission: Allison, 6 speed
Axles: Rockwell, independent

Visit www.textronsystems.com for more information.

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