The 10-Minute Bunker

McCurdy’s Armor allows observation posts to be built quickly almost…

McCurdy’s Armor allows observation posts to be built quickly almost anywhere they’re needed.

Fortifying posts and protecting warfighters from bullets and bomb blasts is easier, faster and more reliable than ever thanks to McCurdy’s Armor, a portable armored-wall system that snaps together quickly without tools, while offering greater protection than sandbags.

This high-tech system—made by Dynamic Defense Materials LLC of Marlton, NJ—consists of aluminum frames that unfold and connect together with steel pins. Because it’s a modular system, the size and configuration of the wall can be tailored for height, width and multiple corners, or to fully enclose spaces. In other words, the structure could resemble a podium or telephone booth, or a basic 8-foot wall 100 feet in length.

McCurdy’s Armor quickly allows war-­ fighters to build walls or small buildings for guard posts and command posts. The parts can be hauled on a trailer and set up in minutes without tools.

Once they’ve arranged the frames into a design fitting the site and strategy, warfighters attach armor panels in a fraction of the time needed for sandbagging. The panels can be attached to one side or both sides of the frames, depending on how much protection is needed.

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