The Graffiti of War Project: Documenting emotion as it was captured in ink, paint, or pencil on the battlefied.

Offering a unique perspective, experience the wars through the eyes…

Offering a unique perspective, experience the wars through the eyes of those living and dying through these conflicts. Each image represents a moment in time, when an emotion was captured in ink, paint, or pencil, an unconventional historical record of this generation’s war. Our Mission is that through sharing these images, we will begin a dialog between soldier and civilian, to bridge this ever-widening divide between our warfighters and civilians. To bring understanding and true empathy of what our military men and women experience during their deployments.

We are collecting these images through submissions to our website, on Facebook and those sent into us via email. This summer, Jaeson “Doc” Parsons is heading to Kuwait and Iraq to document the images on different posts and outposts located across Iraq. Our content and blog, detailing the journey, will be a feature on and in their upcoming “Military” tab.



We will continue to accept images through Facebook and this website until we feel we have accurately and thoroughly collected enough to complete the book, The Graffiti of war. Proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to The Graffiti of War Fouondation as well as organizations supporting our service members and veterans suffering from the silent wounds of war, PTSD.

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