TW • The Army has gone ahead with its hat…

TW • The Army has gone ahead with its hat change. The official hat is now the regular camouflaged Patrol Cap, with a bill like a baseball hat.
The beret thing came about because some idiot general decided that because the Special Forces Green Beret troops were so motivated, everybody in the
Army should wear a beret. So they adopted the black beret. No eyeshade.
It won’t be missed.

TW • The camouflaged Patrol Cap looks like your cap.
Not at all! Now get this straight: Theirs is a freaking baseball cap. I wear a five-sided Cover. The Marine Corps Cover. It’s a “Cover”—not a damn “cap.”

• Have you been shooting lately?
I took my SOG team to the National Rifle Matches at Camp Perry, Ohio, and promptly fell on my ass. I didn’t shoot well. Why? Because I just don’t like that damn AR, the black gun I put together last year. I was expecting great things from modern technology. It was all match-conditioned, the whole ball of wax. But when I walked off the 600-yard line there at Camp Perry, I had had about as much of that AR as I could take. As soon as I walked off my firing point, I made an announcement: “This damn gun is for sale!” And I sold it right there, before I even left the range, for $1,800.

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  • Chet

    Richard the SAW is the M249 the M240 is the SAW’s bigger brother

  • Richard

    How you feel about Hk 416 replace saw 240 as Marine Corps platoon machine gun in field??? Do think marine corp took step back words adopt magazines fed machine gun that limited amount round can care do size magazines it uses. I like Hk 416 rifle but I wonder if gone bring enough fire power to fire fight when have larg amount of enmey breath down throat.