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TW• In recent weeks, our border with Mexico has been the scene of clashes with Mexico drug cartels, with some cases of Americans being killed and kidnapped on American soil. These cartels are heavily armed and dangerous. The situation has reached the point where President Obama says U.S. troops may be deployed. What do you think we should do about these drug cartels and protecting our border?
Hell, I would have sent the National Guard down to some of the border towns long ago. We’re getting more and more trouble there because our leaders have been blind to enforcing our Immigration Laws. These politicians will sell their souls for the Hispanic vote. The laws of our forefathers have meant nothing to them. Now violence of the drug cartels with 8,000 murders in Mexico last year and already 2,000 this year is spilling over into the U.S. When are the President and the Congress going to get their act together and put their foot down? Never, I suppose…as long as they put the influence of the Hispanic vote first and our country’s security second.

TW• Speaking of our country’s security, I read in Doug Powers’ blog, WorldNetDaily, that Obama’s new Homeland Security Director Janet Napolitano told a German newspaper that in order to “move away from the politics of fear to a policy of being prepared for all risks,” she, and I assume her staff along with her, will now refer to “terrorism” as “man-caused disasters.” Your thoughts?
So “terrorism” now becomes “man-caused disasters.” What a bunch of losers the Liberals are! And they’re in charge. It’s embarrassing.

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  • Gunny:

    If you think we have problems now, wait until Judge Sonia Sotomayor is confirmed as our new Supreme Court Justice. Here is someone that on precedence set by Presser v. Illinois 1886, ruled that the 2nd Amendment is only binding on the federal government and not states or local governments. She is liable to rule that freedom of speech and freedom from unlawful search and seizures only binds the federal government and not the states.
    Now is a real good time to chat with your Senator(s) and ask that they oppose Judge Sotomayor’s confirmation.
    The Bill of Rights is at stake here folks. As she very casually stated “…policy is made on the bench…”

  • J. Shields

    Hey Gunny,
    What do you think about this new President trying to close Gitmo and sending these terrorists on an American paid vacation? I think its BULL****!!! But when we have a coward in office, thats more worried about speeches and everyone likeing him than National Security what do you expect?

  • I like the (IDEA)if not the real thing of a class action suit.Maybe it would wake up our gun grabbing politicians.

  • Hey! I have an idea, let’s (American public) file a class action suit against the federal government for breach of contract.

    Here’s the premise for the suit. The U.S. Constitution is a contract between the states and the federal government, right? Okay, in article 1, section 8 it says that one of the powers of congress is “To provide for calling forth the Militia to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions;”. Ya with me so far?

    Well, they’re clearly not upholding their part of the contract by calling up the militia to “repel” a foreign invasion (illegal immigration / narco-terrorists). So, whaddya think our chances in court would be??? (sound of crickets chirping). I thought so (big grin)

  • Canuck M777 Gunner

    I personally agree with Gunny, as a northern brother to your armed forces, and someone who has witnessed first hand these cockroaches scampering across the border into the US, the American Gov’t should stop worrying about their image to voters and do the right thing and secure that border. It will save american lives, and stop the drug cartels from injecting their poison into the blood of our society.

  • I have to say I agree with gunny. I have said it before. We need tighter border security.

  • C Carbone

    Gunny is right on in his comments on the border and immigration. All of our American so called leaders should see it that way and have the coglioni to act upon those same convictions. Go Gunny!