Tigerlight Takes the Bite Out of a Suspect

Three officers responded to a call. An individual was causing…


Three officers responded to a call. An individual was causing a domestic disturbance at a friend’s residence. When the three officers arrived, they recognized the man as someone who had previously attempted to slit his own throat at a grocery story with a multi-tool. At this moment, the officers observed him smashing his head repeatedly into a cement wall, spewing blood in every direction.

One of the officers had worked S.W.A.T. and served in Afghanistan but to him, even this experience was peculiar. In an attempt to subdue the estranged man, the officers were met with resistance as he fought each of them off with incredible strength. In response, one of the officers drew a contact-type stun gun and applied volts to the body with no effect. A second shock did nothing still. The man would not give up.

As he escalated his violent behavior towards the officers, two officers drew their batons and attempted to manipulate the man’s body with submission techniques but the suspect fought through the attempt to subdue him. As the suspect moved towards the kitchen, the officers noticed that he was attempting to grab a knife, which would have brought about the use of lethal force. As the suspect concentrated his resistance on one of the officers, the one officer managed to push the suspect away as the other two drew their TigerLight pepper spray and shot a blast in the suspect’s face. In an anonymous interview, one officer said, “He was done!” The suspect dropped to the floor and complied with the officers’ orders.

“I have been using the same TigerLight since 2001 and it has never failed to stop a subject. Not once,” said the officer. Even though the same unit had been on his belt and suffered years of abuse, it was still capable of delivering effective results. “He was done for about 30-45 minutes.”

—TW Report

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  • Matt

    Tiger light is the same as any other can of pepper spray just carry a light and it is no different. Pepper spray is just as effected as any other pepper spray. It is just a gimmick a lot of those people are paid to say good things about it. Plus when you go to you tube to see there video tiger light company video they are ones commenting on how good there pepper spray is.

  • Robert, there is no comparison between the use of a TigerLight® and the use of belt carried spray. The results have demonstrated this over and over again. We donated 500 TigerLights to LASD to prove it in an independent study and they did not even use the highest potency spray. It is a great spray, Guardian PD, but it is .67 major capsaicinoid. First of all, it had a 96% stop rate on 147 subjects. Second of all, it was on an average of 2.6 subjects per incident. One can ignore these facts, but I don’t know of any reputable study of ANY other non-lethal or less lethal device that has even come close to that. Second, the TigerLight® is used in situations in which a belt spray or stun device would never be used because you don’t have time to get them out of the holster. If used properly, the TigerLight® is already in hand, finger on the actuator, and you don’t have to occupy your gun hand. You have a split second, stealth response, effective against multiple subjects. Among the extremely significant advantages already mentioned, the main reason, but not the only reason, it works so much better than belt spray is because the subject does not have the opportunity to hold his breath and the guy on meth or PCP who may be able to overcome the pain, can’t overcome the respiratory distress. A department with below 50% stop rate with their belt spray has had over 95% stop rate over several years with the TigerLight®. The difference was so dramatic, the head OC instructor at the academy called me because he was worried we were putting something illegal in the spray

  • Robert Sahinbas

    What king of “stungun” was used ? I have been using tasers for years and even the old “LAPD” style tasertron units with the wimpy 6-7 watts never failed to stop badguys. Pepperspray stopped this guy ? the tiger light looks like a good tool, but I will take a TASER X-26 or a M-26 anyday. It’s the strength of the OC that makes the suspect comply. You can spray wimpy OC from a tigerlight or a belt unit and it wont make any diffrence, cone or stream. IF you want results you better hope your light has somthing with at least 1.00 or above OC. I want to know what kind of OC is used in all these 1 shot stops.

  • Allen Hoffer

    I agree, i have been using my Tigerlight for a few years and used it with the same results! This story is typical of my uses and other uses i know of.