Time Magazine: War coverage, there’s a groundbreaking app for that (video).

My Freedom Or Death - Condition ONE Beta from Danfung…

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My Freedom Or Death – Condition ONE Beta from Danfung Dennis on Vimeo.

Condition ONE, under development for the Apple iPad and other tablets, uses a custom camera system developed by Dennis that “fuses the ethics, method and aesthetics of photojournalism with the tradition of cinematic filmmaking with virtual reality,” he says. “The entire human field of view is captured on these camera systems, and the stories are edited specifically for the tablet application to create a truly immersive experience.”

He continues, “Once viewers enter a video experience, they can move the tablet in any direction and see the corresponding field of view. The traditional two-dimensional, rectangular frame is shattered as viewers step inside the frame and experience the stories as the protagonists.”

Source: Patrick Witty for Time.

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