TitanStraps “Gun Rack”

A quick snapshot of TitanStraps securing a 7mm for the…

A quick snapshot of TitanStraps securing a 7mm for the upcoming Elk season. The fat-tired bike allows quick access into the backcountry.

Simple in design, high in function, you’ll find hundred’s of uses with TitanStraps® – securing loads to ATV’s or packs, bundling loads or used as a quick repair in the field. Functioning like a stretchy, reusable zip-tie, TitanStraps® offer excellent adjustability and can be ‘daisy-chained’ together for extra length. When the mercury drops, you’ll appreciate the aggressive pull-tab for use with winter gloves or mittens. TitanStraps don’t use hooks, making them safer than typical bungee cords. Made in USA. Satisfaction Guaranteed. Available online at Titanstraps.com.

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  • EGS

    from mountain bike to battle bike!! i need a system for motorcycle transport that is low profile for transiting public spaces.