Sig Sauer P320 lead
The new P320 pistol from Sig Sauer

Top 10 Sig Sauer P320 Features

Sig’s dropped the hammer — the new striker-fired Sig Sauer P320 provides a modular, multi-caliber platform for every LEO!

Highly modular and mission-adaptable, the new P320 pistol from Sig Sauer takes this storied company’s handgun offerings fully into the 21st century. With numerous chamberings as well as frame sizes available, based around a serialized internal chassis, the P320 is ready for any LEO mission. Read on to find out more.

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Sig Sauer P320 hammerless

The new P320 pistol from Sig Sauer

1. Hammerless, Striker-Fired System: The hammerless, striker-fired system of the P320 makes the pistol ideally suited for LE use. It simplifies training and transitions, and is also affordable and extremely rugged.


Sig Sauer P320 grip

The new P320 pistol from Sig Sauer

2. Grip: An interchangeable grip frame allows armorers to better fit each gun to an individual officer or mission. It also allows for a change to a shorter grip for detectives or other plainclothes assignments.


Sig Sauer P320 slide

The new P320 pistol from Sig Sauer

3. Caliber Interchangeability: The P320’s caliber interchangeability allows trainers to custom-tailor a pistol to fit an officer’s needs and abilities. It also means pistols can be easily converted for concealed carry or plainclothes utilizing the same internals and without buying a second firearm.

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  • metallicknight2 .

    Nice summary of a perfect handgun. On a side note… I kinda had to laugh though at the advertisements on the side of the page. SWAT/HRT teams are really going to carry empty holsters and mag pouches? lol