Great Six8: Top 13 Firearms on the 6.8 Spectrum

Best of the SOCOM-born DGI and piston-driven ARs in 6.8 SPC built for today’s marksmen who demand more punch.

Barrett REC7 Gen II

Top 6.8 TW Feb 2015 Barrett REC7 Gen II

Barrett REC7 Gen II

The REC7 Gen II is a well-tuned piston-driven rifle that is fast cycling and totally reliable. It has a slim, octagonal KeyMod handguard that offers a comfortable handhold. Barrett decks out the REC7 in quality parts, including a PWS Triad flash suppressor, Magpul’s MOE stock and pistol grip, Precision Reflex flip-up sights, a Bravo Company Manufacturing Gunfighter charging handle, a Geissele trigger and more. It is well balanced and built for accurate, rapid fire. Barrett rifles its 6.8 SPC barrels with a 1-in-10-inch twist rate. (; 615-896-2938)


Bushmaster ACR

Bushmaster ACR

Bushmaster ACR

The Bushmaster ACR (Adaptive Combat Rifle) is a next-generation combat rifle that has AR-like controls but features well beyond the AR, like a multi-caliber bolt assembly that allows calibers to be swapped and an adjustable, two-position gas piston system that supports suppressed and non-suppressed fire. The stock is fully adjustable to fit most statures and it folds, making the ACR highly maneuverable. (; 800-998-7928)


DoubleStar Supermatch

Top 6.8 TW Feb 2015 DoubleStar Supermatch

DoubleStar Supermatch

The DSC Supermatch is outfitted with a heavy stainless barrel that is either 20 or 24 inches with a 1-in-8- or 1-in-10-inch twist rate. The heavy barrel is free-floated in a DSC rifle-length handguard, and a rifle-length gas tube keeps this 6.8 SPC rifle running and producing sub-MOA groups. (


DPMS Prairie Panther

Top 6.8 TW Feb 2015 DPMS Prairie Panther

DPMS Prairie Panther

Hogs or whitetails—take your pick, since the Prairie Panther in 6.8 SPC can handle either with ease. This rifle is lightweight even with a 20-inch, fluted barrel made of 416 stainless that is Teflon coated. A carbon-fiber tubular handguard free-floats the barrel for optimal accuracy. The rifle is an optics-ready flattop design. (; 800-578-3767)


LMT CQB MRP Defender Piston

Top 6.8 TW Feb 2015 LMT CQB MRP Defender Piston

LMT CQB MRP Defender Piston

The CQB MRP Defender Piston features a piston operating system that runs cleaner and cooler than the direct impingement system. The 6.8 SPC barrel, cryogenically treated for enhanced accuracy, has a 1-in-10-inch twist rate. The monolithic MRP upper also offers quick barrel changes. (; 309-787-7151)

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