25 New AR Rifles and Carbines for 2014

A glimpse at 25 new AR rifles to look out for in 2014, including new releases by Colt, Daniel Defense and more.

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25 New AR Rifles and Carbines for 2014

25 New AR Rifles and Carbines for 2014

AR: The letters stand for “Armalite,” but you’d be forgiven for thinking it means “America’s Rifle.” In the United States, no long-gun platform is more popular—a fact pretty well evidenced by the sheer number of ARs being made and brought to market year after year after year. And, 2014 is shaping up to be no exception, with virtually every AR maker complementing its existing product line with new releases in a wide variety of lengths, colors and chamberings. To help the AR enthusiast navigate the perhaps imposing lineup of 2014 products, we’ve assembled a list of 25 AR rifles that especially caught our eye. From 5.56mm SBRs to 3-Gun tack drivers to wooden-stocked hunting guns, we’ve run the gamut, picking an exciting array of new rifles from established AR all-stars, like Colt and Daniel Defense, and bold up-and-comers whose names you’ve perhaps never heard. ‘Til now.


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