Smith & Wesson pocket pistols eg lead
The M&P Bodyguard 38 Revolver Crimson Trace (left) and the M&P Bodyguard 380 Crimson Trace (right).

Today’s Top 12 Concealed Carry Pocket Pistols

An evolving need for pocket pistols has left the market full of incredible choices for concealed carry enthusiasts everywhere.
Kimber pocket pistols eg lead

Kimber Solo Carry

With more and more citizens taking on the responsibility of protecting themselves these days, the market for compact pocket pistols has evolved to match this growing demand. Gone are the days of only a few straight-blowback .25 and .32 ACP pistols from which to choose. In fact, today there are more offerings available in this category than ever before.

Want something that is powerful and portable? Compact yet capable? Omnipresent but not overwhelming? Well, there are many choices out there, with a broad selection of compact autopistols and revolvers (as well as interesting derringers and the like) in powerful and capable chamberings available.

So, what kind is right for you? To learn about some of the best options available on the market today, read on to find out more.

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  • dorkyman

    Coming late to this discussion, but surprised by the content. Like another commenter, “pocket pistol” means something very small. None of these qualify.

    Every day I carry an NAA 22LR 5-shot revolver in my left pocket. The load is CCI segmented stingers. Since the pistol is too small to manually aim, I have an itty-bitty laser sight mounted on top. So this thing is precise to 20+ feet, easily (YouTube videos demonstrate this).

    Here’s the thing: ANY firearm is better than none, and the little NAA pistol makes it effortless to carry in a pocket every day. It’s like putting your wallet in your pocket, you will always have it with you. Beats having a testosterone-laden .45 back in the bedroom.

    A retired FBI friend summed it up: (1) Showing a pistol usually has a powerful deterrent effect; (2) a pistol projecting a little red dot on the guy’s gut or forehead makes his life flash before his eyes.

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  • Shane F.

    I like the Kahr PM9. Also the Beretta Nano has good reviews.

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  • alberto caoili

    how can i order if you are residing in the philippines

  • Mark

    I am surprised the S&W Shield was not listed

  • Scott Hooker

    “Pocket pistol”. I don’t think that phrase means what you think it means. Some of these are waaaay to large for reasonable pocket carry. Tell me how you’re going to conceal that 7 1/2 inch Springfield in a pair of kahkis.

    • Brian Mumford

      Yeah, I think Nutnfancy influenced a lot of people into thinking single stack 9mm pistols were adequate pocket pistols. They’re clearly not.

  • Mark Courtenay

    No Sig P938 or S&W Shield? What a BOGUS piece! The P938 is the same dimensionally as the P238 but it’s a 9mm capable of shooting +P and yet it isn’t on the list?

  • Brian Farmer

    How does the Shield not make it on the list? Probably one of the most popular concealed carry pistols since the glock 26. And I think the glock 19 is still more popular than some magnum research guns.

  • mrvortex

    The Walther CCP is on this list? They forgot to mention that it is not available, nor will likely be available anytime soon. It might as well not even exist yet.

  • searey29

    I absolutely love my ROC!!

  • bmstylee

    Uh. The 1911 is a single action pistol. Not a striker fired gun like a Glock or a XD. Try getting it right.