TopEyeView’s Real-Time Video Image System Blimp

The mission of TopEyeView, Inc, (“TEV”) is to deliver the…


The mission of TopEyeView, Inc, (“TEV”) is to deliver the most cost effective real-time video streaming from a bird’s-eye-view. The flight platform of TEV is a 30-foot long, tethered, low-pressure helium blimp delivering an “eye in the sky” remote controlled directly to and from any command and location.

tev.gifThe company provides services to improve observation and alert levels by offering a platform that can streamline ongoing images, addressing larger areas and objects of interest. TEV’s services are based on a tested and operationally proven monitoring and observation system. The units are mobile and immediately deployable, thus can address ad-hoc events, making the platform an ideal tool for Security, law enforcement, and organizations with “bird’s-eye” observation missions.

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  • Lawrence Lampron

    I’ve got my eye on you…….Excellent!