Torq 61

TORQ 61 BODY ARMOR American Body Armor’s (ABA) new high…

American Body Armor’s (ABA) new high performance TORQ 61 concealable vest includes a unique new ballistic material available from Netherlands-based DSM. Offering a higher level of energy dispersion, TORQ 61 maximizes ABA’s hybrid engineering with DSM’s Dyneema SB61, a unidirectional (UD) composite that allows the energy of a bullet to be distributed among the fibers more efficiently than conventional woven fabrics. Engineered in a hybrid construction, TORQ 61 is thin and lightweight but doesn’t skimp on tenacity or strength. Dyneema SB61 is the key component, which is 40 percent stronger than aramid fibers, but is weight-per-weight 15 times stronger than steel, while remaining soft and flexible. For more information:; (800) 347-1200.

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