TRADITIONS Vortek Muzzleloader

Traditions Performance Firearms has added to their innovative line of…


Traditions Performance Firearms has added to their innovative line of break open muzzleloaders with their new Vortek.

The heart and soul to the Vortek is a newly designed break open action, alloy frame with a “drop-out” trigger assembly designed for easy cleaning.  The ergonomics of the over-molded buttstock and forearm provide extra grip and greater balance when pushing the limits for a successful hunt.  With safety in mind, Traditions has skeletonized the action release, allowing the use of standard trigger locks for storage or travel. The Accelerator breech plug has found its way into the long list of features that accompany one of Traditions’ most innovative muzzleloaders; It releases with three quick revolutions, without the use of tools.  Simply twist the Accelerator Breech Plug and loosen until it is removed from the barrel for easy cleaning.

The Vortek is a high performance muzzleloader that comes with a 28”, 1:28 twist barrel and Williams metal sights.  The weather-resistant finish on the frame and barrel help increase the durability and protect the finish during those extreme days in the field.  The 209 ignition and 150 grain magnum loads proves reliable and consistent groups out to 200 yards.  The PAS (Projectile Alignment System) guarantees reliable bullet seating for increased accuracy and no bullet starter is needed!

The Vortek is available in a standard or ambidextrous thumbhole stock in an overmolded black or Mossy Oak® Treestand® soft stock finish for a better grip in inclement weather.  MSRP $431

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