Tubb 2000 Spec-Tac-LR

The Spec-Tac-LR is David Tubb’s, an 11-time National High Power…

The Spec-Tac-LR is David Tubb’s, an 11-time National High Power Champion, representation of a tactical rifle that adapts features designed for positional and match shooting to tactical conditions found in combat. This rapidly re-barreled infinitely adjustable rifle solves many of the dilemmas faced by today’s urban sniper.

Several years ago Tubb decided to design a rifle based on his extensive experience in High Power and across-the-course matches where ranges vary from 200 to 1000 yards. Tubb spent most of his time shooting two rifles in these competitions: an accurized Winchester Model 70 and a highly customized and accurized SR-25 from KAC (Knight’s Armament). What he hoped to accomplish with his design was a merger of both rifles’ best features with some of his own design ideas. He created the Tubb 2000 SPEC-TAC-LR.

tubb2Gun Details
Design for the T2K really got under way in 1999 when Tubb got together with Rock McMillan (McMillan stock manufacturer). McMillan brought the manufacturing and production pieces of the equation, while Tubb brought the design and shooting experience.

The feature that Tubb used as a starting point for the rifle’s design was the SR-25’s detachable box magazine. Along with its tactical advantages, the ability to shoot the rapid-fire sequence in High Power matches and reload quickly, afforded by the detachable box magazine, made it mandatory. Tubb looked at what magazine out there possessed the quality and size specifications he required and decided to use the SR-25 magazine.

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