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The Tango The Tactical Stake Target (TST) helps improve your…

The Tango

The Tactical Stake Target (TST) helps improve your shooting skills in less time because it provides:

• Distinct Feedback when hit by swinging and ringing.
• Precise Shot Identification by removing a quarter size area of paint on impact, making it easy to identify the hit at long range.
• Can be set up on any terrain, including a vertical cliff wall, which is the safest bullet impact area.
• The TST can be raised 0” to 12” above the ground to be visible above tall grass for long range shooting.
• The TST system is angled forward to send bullet fragments into the dirt, making it one of the safest target systems on the market.
• The Zero Maintenance Design keeps you from repairing frames with jagged bullet holes or broken chains allowing you more time to train.
• The TST swings on impact to dissipate the energy of high velocity ammunition from cratering the steel, unlike static steel targets.
• High velocity magnums can shoot this steel at a distance without damaging the target.*
• The TST is Portable at 36lbs and can be quickly disassembled and moved to the next range location, or placed in the trunk of a car.
• The TST is constructed from the finest 3/8” armor plate (AR500) and will withstand thousands of shots.*

*Consult the Safety Sheet for minimum shooting distance for your rifle/ammunition combination.

For more information visit http://www.tubbenterprises.com/

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