Encompassing 183 square miles, Tulsa is Oklahoma’s second largest city…

Encompassing 183 square miles, Tulsa is Oklahoma’s second largest city and our nation’s 47th largest. Its population is around 389,600, and, like most large metropolitan areas, the city experiences a range of crimes such as larceny, drug and gang activity, the primary sources of which span from locals to traveling bands of criminals and illegal aliens. In 2010, the TPD responded to more than 326,000 calls for service.

Although the Tulsa Police Department existed informally as early as 1905, it wasn’t officially organized until 1907, when the city was incorporated and Oklahoma became the 46th state. The department is staffed by 720 sworn officers and is one of the few agencies in Oklahoma that operates its own academy. Efforts are ongoing to remain abreast with the city’s crime, including implementation of Compstat software to analyze and track crime trends and immediately address where those crimes are occurring. Technology, such as the use of in-car computers and handheld mobile devices, has evolved dramatically. Officers are much more efficient in the service of citizens.

SOT utilizes HK MP5s, among other weapons. Tactical operators utilize Aimpoint Comp ML3 optics on entry weapons.

Tulsa PD Structure
The TPD consists of a patrol division divided into North (Gilcrease), East (Mingo Valley) and Southwest (Riverside) Uniform Divisions, Headquarters, Training, Special Investigations, and a Detective Division staffed by 111 officers and 5l civilians.

Acting as one! Training for operators is geared toward instinctive, cohesive functioning as a unit, each officer
having a critical area of responsibility.

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