Ukraine Army taking delivery of new automatic 30mm cannon.

Image: The Ukrainian army is taking delivery of a…


The Ukrainian army is taking delivery of a new automatic 30-mm cannon developed by Ukrainian experts, the Defense Ministry said quoting a minister’s order on Thursday.

“Once the document is implemented, the Ukrainian armed forces with be supplied with automatic 30 mm cannons made locally,” the ministry said.

The ZTM-1 automatic cannon was designed for installation in one- and two-crew turrets (or remote controlled weapon stations) for tracked and wheeled light and medium armored fighting vehicles.

The 30 mm ZTM-1 weapon is to be installed in the BTR-3U/BTR-3E (8 × 8) Armored Personnel Carrier, which is very similar to the Russian BTR-80 (8 × 8) but has greater internal volume, according to the Jane’s Armour and Artillery Upgrades publication.

Source: Ria Novosti

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