UN Says Syrian Rebels Now Have Tanks, Heavy Weaponry

United Nations observers in Syria say that armed opposition groups…

United Nations observers in Syria say that armed opposition groups in Aleppo are now in possession of heavy weapons including tanks, after more than a week of fighting between government forces and rebels has pushed nearly 200 000 people to flee the country’s largest city.

The UN Supervision Mission in Syria voiced concern Wednesday at a significant increase in the levels of violence in the south east neighborhoods of Aleppo over the past three days.

“The observers from the UN mission are reporting exchanges of fire shelling and explosions, in addition to the use of helicopters, tanks, heavy machine guns and artillery shelling. Yesterday they also saw firing from a fighter aircraft.” UN spokesperson Martin Nesirky said Wednesday.

Nesirky says mission observers also confirmed reports that rebels had taken control of tanks and artillery pieces. Media and right group accounts of fighting in Aleppo have varied. The Syrian state media says government military operations have successfully forced insurgents from key areas of the city, while rebels say they have captured two major police stations, killing more than 40 officers Tuesday, according to the London based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

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