Upgraded WASR-2 5.45x39mm

When it comes to customizing our possessions, no one does…


When it comes to customizing our possessions, no one does it quite as well as we Americans. Whether it’s cars, motorcycles, houses, etc., we like to modify, add on, and give our “stuff” the custom touch. This, of course, translates to your guns as well.

Let’s be honest with ourselves, though. Sometimes we just modify our “stuff” simply for the sake of changing it and the changes aren’t at all practical. To be a true “upgrade,” the change, addition, or modification should improve performance in some way. We are going to focus on the WASR-2, an AK-74 clone, and take a look at some practical upgrades.

wasr2.jpgGun Details
While we will discuss aftermarket upgrades, we first need to touch on the factory stock specifications. The WASR-2 is a gas-operated, semiautomatic rifle, which is imported by Century International Arms. This rifle is chambered for the 5.45x39mm cartridge versus the 7.62x39mm Russian standard for the WASR. A Romanian version of the AK-74, the “2” comes from the factory with a hardwood forearm and stock and a black synthetic pistol grip. The finish is a standard black parkerizing.

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  • Paul

    To see the muzzle brake kit in action on this rifle visit paulmarkel.com to view a clip.