U.S. Air Force’s Active Denial System

In the age of advanced weaponry, it is good to…

In the age of advanced weaponry, it is good to know that not all developed weapons were meant to search and destroy. One such weapon that breaks this mold is the Active Denial System (ADS). Originally developed by the Air Force Research Laboratory and then matured under the sponsorship of the DoD’s Joint Non-Lethal Weapons directorate (JNLWD). We spoke with Captain Teresa Ovalle from JNLWD to find out more.

tacsysden.jpgSpecial Weapons: What is ADS?
Captain Teresa Ovalle: The Active Denial System (ADS) is a counter-personnel, non-lethal, directed energy weapon system.

SW: Why was it developed?
TO: The ADS was developed in response to the need for an effective long-range, non-lethal weapon to be used in a variety of military operations. ADS will not replace currently fielded non-lethal weapons. It is designed to give commanders an additional non-lethal option.

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