U.S. Army bans high-performance M4 carbine mags, must use government issue.

U.S. Navy Culinary Specialist 2nd Class Kenneth Crutchfield grabs an…

U.S. Navy Culinary Specialist 2nd Class Kenneth Crutchfield grabs an M16A2 rifle magazine during a sighting exercise at the Navy individual augmentee combat training course at Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, N.J. U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Jonathan Chandler/Released

The Army has ordered that soldiers may use only government-issued magazines with their M4 carbines, a move that effectively bans one of the most dependable and widely used commercial-made magazines on today’s battlefield.

Despite the success of the PMAG, Army officials from the TACOM Life Cycle Management Command issued a “safety of use message” in April that placed it, and all other polymer magazines, on an unauthorized list.

Read the rest of Matthew Cox’s report at Military.com.

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  • GW

    I use PMAG and they are much more reliable than the standard issue magazines in every condition. The polymer design and grooves makes the grip of magazine and magazine changes smooth even in the mud, water, whatever. Just what exact safety issues are they talking about?

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  • Fred

    Next they’ll be banning breathing anything but gov-issued air.

  • Freddie Mac

    Ban something that actually works, that makes sense. USGI mags suck balls.

  • D. Sanchez

    The real question is…Who is manufacturing the latest rendition of the standard military issued over priced, pile of crap… There you will find the beginning of the political bull…
    It’s not about boots on the ground,,,,it’s about Big Money in the right suck— pocket. Lowest bidderr, but highest kickback…Wouldn’t surprise me if they weren’t chinese made knockoffs too…Lets face it,,,our Boys who make decisions, DO have a clue,,,but right and wrong are not apart of the decision making process…Has anyone figured out how chinese countfeit parts go into Military aircraft ? It’s no accident,,,
    Put the MAN in charge of this Magazine decision on the ground Afganistan, Iraq, Africa,,and tell him the Newest rendition of the Army issue M4 mag now has a 50% less failure rate….Not bad odds, you have a 50% or less chance of the loudest noise an M4 can make,,,,CLICK…..
    Maybe the maker of stardard issue M4 mags should make our enemies AK mags,,,,,

  • Matt in Oklahoma

    Why not just buy and use the product that works-ohh wait politics and kickbacks -never mind