U.S. Army chief ‘comfortable’ with smaller force as Pentagon prepares cuts.

Image: General Raymond Odierno touring Baghdad market; 4 Feb, 2009;…

Image: General Raymond Odierno touring Baghdad market; 4 Feb, 2009; U.S. Army

The U.S. Army chief said he is “comfortable” with plans to shrink the size of his force as the Pentagon prepares to slash eight brigades as part of defense cuts worth $260 billion over five years.

General Raymond Odierno, chief of staff of the Army, told Reuters: “We’re now out of Iraq, we’re reducing our commitment in Afghanistan, so we can now bring the size of the Army down. And I feel comfortable with how we’re going to do that.”

He was speaking on Wednesday, as the Pentagon prepared to unveil a smaller Army and the withdrawal of two brigade combat teams from Europe. Those fixed brigades will be replaced by rotational units.

Source: Reuters via MSNBC.

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  • Jman

    Okay the bait and switch we reduce the military but we spend more on technoligy to better secure our part of the world. You are not fooling anybody B.S. on saving money. This is the information age and with our freedoms comes knowledge. Do not give in to the U.N. or any laws that allow foreign military on our soil for any civil uprising. Watch out for this one? Just saying.