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  • Jon

    Well, it seems everyone agrees, those guys really lost tactics on that firefight. We understand that they’ve been out on a 6hr Foot Patrol, in the crazy terrian over there, but the Squad Leader or Team Leader was not taking charge and the camera man was giving orders more than anyone else. They should have embraced the ambush, great time to start dropping the extra weight. Again they had all of those weapons and only a couple of soldiers were in the fight, come on Army Dogs, We did expect a little more fight than that. But hey glad they made it out and no one got hurt. Semper Fi.

  • Chad

    I was more upset at their SDM. I know that 14 is heavy, but you’ve got the best glass in the group, find the damn target!

  • Frank_B

    I don’t think the guy with the helmet cam was in charge! also at 5:48 the guy had a mortar in his hand. I don’t think you would be thinking straight if you had enemy on both sides like that. Just saying.

  • Roy Mason

    I know they were tired after a 6 hour patrol, but I was not impressed with their response to the ambush. Initial return fire was weak, the unit bunched up, they did not use their mortar with HE or smoke to screen their movement. I didn’t see any grenades fired either. The repeated comments of “guys we gotta move” is not strong leadership. It is good that the bad guys were poor shots.