U.S. Equips French With MRAPs

The U.S. is loaning France a hundred RG-31 (nicknamed Nyala)…

The U.S. is loaning France a hundred RG-31 (nicknamed Nyala)  armored vehicles for the additional French troops being sent to Afghanistan. The RG-31 is a very popular vehicle in Afghanistan, with Britain, Canada, the Netherlands (who borrowed some from Canada) and the United States already using them there.

Most of the RG-31s in Afghanistan have special equipment installed, like jammers (to prevent roadside bombs from being detonated via a wireless device) and remotely (from inside the vehicle) operated 12.7mm machine-guns. There were problems with the installation of the special equipment. The machine-gun system had some software glitches. When the jammer was turned on, most of the RG-31s found that their alternators quickly burned out. These problems were eventually eliminated. Otherwise, the RG-31s have given good service. Those that have encountered Taliban bombs, provided good protection for their passengers. One RG-31, after getting hit by a powerful roadside bomb, was able to get home under its own power, with a crew that was shaken, but not injured.

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  • will

    These are great vehicles for mine/IED resistance. I ran an RCP(Route Clearance Package in Afghanistan in 2005-2006 and had one in my squad. They are VERY tight inside though and tough for US troops to sit in as the seats were designed with smaller, less equipped soldiers than US forces in mind. The original model was South African. We had an M240B mounted on ours with a homemade mount and chicken plate. Great vihicle overall, but needs some tweaking to the interior.