U.S. general warns troops to treat dead with ‘dignity and respect’ (video).

The deputy commander of U.S. forces in Afghanistan ordered troops…

The deputy commander of U.S. forces in Afghanistan ordered troops Friday to treat the corpses of slain insurgents and civilians with “appropriate dignity and respect.”

The order follows a video that appears to show four U.S. Marines urinating on bodies, images that sparked swift condemnation from the United States and Afghanistan at a particularly crucial period in the U.S.-led war.

“We must treat the living and the dead with dignity and respect,” Gen. Curtis Scaparrotti said in the directive, which was published Friday on the website of the NATO-led force in Afghanistan. He said troops must follow the rules of armed conflict and “act honorably at all times.”

Source: CNN

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  • Remove personal cameras from combat ,only combat photographers should be allowed.

  • D. Sanchez

    In a perfect world….well if this was a perfect world, this wouldn’t be a thought. No, what these soldiers did, was wrong. Plain and simple. We as Americans hold ourselves to a higher standard. We as Americans are held to a higher standard. We as Americans relish being held to a higher standard. We as AMERICANS pay a much heavier price for that standard. Anyone remember Somolia, our American Soldiers, killed, stripped and torn apart then paraded thru city streets for the whole world to see. Anyone remember our Blackwater contractors, bodies burned and hung for display for the whole world to see. Anyone remember the reason we are there to start with. How about the innocent people in the Trade Center Towers, the 3 aircraft, the Pentagon, the Police, FireCrews, can any one even begin to imagine what happened to their bodies,,,,some, alot never to be found or brought home. Anyone remember the videos of our AMERICAN soldiers being beheaded, their decapitated bodies posed with the heads held high in celebration.
    It’s easy for those who themselves have never personally witnessed or experienced tbe horrors of war. The things that theae soldiers who did this and so many more that have seen the un-imaginable things that man does to man. No, wbat they did wasn’t right. But,,,,what do you expect when the enemy we fight, places no value on the RULES , yet we as Americans are held to a Higher Standard. If that was your son, father or husband in Somolia, Irag, the Trade Centers, The aircraft, the pentagon, Beheaded, or killed by IED….What is your standard going to be. Don’t let this be a defining moment in what these MARINES have done for this country, for us as AMERICANS.