U.S.-Japan deal withdraws 9,000 Marines from Okinawa.

U.S. Marine Corps Maj. Theodore Folsome, right, addresses Marines just…

U.S. Marine Corps Maj. Theodore Folsome, right, addresses Marines just after boarding the dock landing ship USS Tortuga (LSD 46) at White Beach Naval Facility, Okinawa, Japan. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Cpl. Aaron Hostutler/Released)

Roughly half the U.S. Marines on Okinawa will be transferred under an agreement announced Thursday that will reduce the military footprint in Japan, easing local resentments over the amount of land being used by American forces.

Some 9,000 Marines along with their family members will be transferred under the agreement, with about 5,000 being sent to Guam as part of a military buildup on the U.S. territory in the Pacific, according to a joint statement released by the U.S.-Japan Security Consultative Committee.

“I am very pleased that, after many years, we have reached this important agreement and plan of action,” Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta said.

Source: Bob Kovach and Chelsea J. Carter for CNN.

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  • Jim Mullin

    Military footprint????? The author is one sick puppy to compare US Marines to footprints ( carbon footprint= terminology that is supposed to make people feel guilty for being alive).How many US Marines were killed and wounded for Okinawa? We should own that friggin island.Why do we give land back to enemies who killed huge numbers of US Marines?The political class has no regard for the lives of US military men.Someday i fully expect the US leadership to betray US forces overseas to a intended defeat.This can happen by having them standdown in the presence of enemy forces or by arranging for the units to not be resupplied.Make Okinawa a state and give the finger to Hirohitos clan.

  • k