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US Machine Gun Armory's M249 SAW in 6.8 SPC

US Machine Gun Armory’s M249 SAW in 6.8 SPC

Converted to handle versatile, hard-hitting 6.8 SPC ammo, U.S. Machine Gun Armory’s M249 SAW is a battle-proven powerhouse!

When I got the chance test the MGA M249 SAW from U.S. Machine Gun Armory using the company’s patented 6.8 SPC conversion kit, I jumped all over it! Controversy has always surrounded the 6.8 SPC round, at least in America. It remains a very popular hunting round and enjoys a small but strong following among shooters. It’s one of my favorite calibers, and has been since its introduction. Having fielded ARs in several configurations, including the new LWRCI Six8, the 6.8 SPC cartridge is well suited to most any mission. This versatility made the idea of a SAW (Squad Automatic Weapon) chambered in this cartridge a viable project.

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U.S. Machine Gun Armory has been improving on the design of the M240 and M249 SAW for years. While the company has been largely focused on military contracts, its HK trigger pack conversion provides a belt-fed M249 SAW for agencies requiring semi-auto availability, or civilians who lawfully own a transferable HK roller-style sear or weapon. Using a closed bolt, there is even a semi-auto and California-legal version available. For my tests, however, I used the 6.8 SPC conversion kit for the M249 SAW and the MK46 platforms.

The company’s patented 6.8 SPC conversion kit allows agencies or militaries to convert existing M249 SAW weapons to handle the hard-hitting round. U.S. Machine Gun Armory’s MK46 in 6.8 SPC is built from the ground up as a compact version of the SAW. Both designs have been well received, and ordered in numbers by Middle Eastern partners.

Watch the video of this mil-spec M249 SAW sending 6.8 SPC rounds downrange. There’s nothing like firing a belt-fed machine gun!

Look for a full review in an upcoming issue of TACTICAL WEAPONS on this gun, as well as some time on an MK46 chambered in 6.8 SPC. To subscribe, visit

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