U.S. Marines to use tactical smartphone 4G private network (video).

Image: lockheedmartin.com The U.S. Marine Corps will soon use a…

Image: lockheedmartin.com

The U.S. Marine Corps will soon use a tactical smartphone network developed to support humanitarian assistance and disaster relief exercises.

The Marine Corps Forces Pacific Experimentation Center has acquired Lockheed Martin’s MONAX system, which the Office of Naval Research purchased. It is a portable, private 4G network that provides voice, data and video services through commercial Smartphone technologies.

YouTube Description
MONAX is a powerful, new communications system that combines the convenience of smartphone technology with the power and flexibility of a secure, highly portable infrastructure. MONAX gives our nation’s warfighters the convenient and immediate communication capability they need to achieve mission success.

MONAX provides users with a 4G private network they can operate anywhere. This secure broadband network system connects off-the-shelf smartphones to a cellular base station infrastructure, enabling users to securely send and receive data, By using a secure RF Link, communications are protected through strong exportable encryption enabling the transfer of pertinent and sensitive information.

Source: UPI

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  • Matt in Oklahoma

    secure my foot, aint nothing secure about a smartphone