U.S. sailor pleads guilty to attempted China spying.

A U.S. Navy sailor has pleaded guilty to attempted espionage…

A U.S. Navy sailor has pleaded guilty to attempted espionage for trying to sell classified documents to someone he believed was a Chinese intelligence officer.

Petty Officer 2nd Class Bryan Minkyu Martin of Mexico, N.Y., faces a maximum sentence of life in prison.

At a court martial in Norfolk, Va., on Thursday, Martin said he accepted more than $11,000 from an undercover FBI agent in exchange for documents, photographs and images that were classified as secret or top secret.

Martin is an intelligence specialist who was stationed at Fort Bragg in North Carolina at the time, preparing for a deployment to Afghanistan.

Source: Fox News

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  • SW

    The entire regime is attempting to destroy America. What they & Obamanation is doing is irrelevant to this sailors crime. Dont trust them at all.

  • General Jim M

    Excuse me.How the hell can they charge this idiot when the commander in chief has oked it for top chinese COMMUNIST brass to tour 4 US military installations.You want to charge this guy? Our commander-in-chief could not pass a FBI background check nor could he qualify for a top secret clearance.Obama is screwing our friends,helping our rivals and enemies,disarming America,bankrupting the USA and you want this guy’s blood.Our own prez is a foreign agent.The FBI should do an independent investigation of his’ past associates.

  • CK

    Any American that sells or attempts to sell information to our enemies should be shot on sight, no trial, no court martial.

  • SW

    Um can we say traitor? Navy right? Yea put him in the octagon with DEVGRU! Dogmeat!