U.S. special forces conducting exercises in Boston area.

Some Boston residents have been surprised to see helicopters making…

Some Boston residents have been surprised to see helicopters making unusual maneuvers around the city in recent days. No worries, according to officials. It’s only a drill.

Special forces have been conducting “urban environment training” exercises in and around Boston in the past two weeks, said Kimberly Tiscione, a military spokesman.

The training is for the U.S. Special Operations Command, based in MacDill, Fla., which includes units such as the Army’s Green Berets and the Navy SEALs. The training began July 25 and will end Friday and is meant to challenge military personnel by exposing them to an area they are unfamiliar with – such as a city.

“This adds an element of realism in a challenge,” Tiscione said.

Tiscione added that the military trains its personnel to be ready for any situation they may encounter overseas.

Source: Amanda Cedrone for Boston.com.

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  • Larry

    Don’t worry folks, most of the LE and Military personnel have our backs. Yes, some might be willing to fire on American citizens – certainly those branded domestic terrorists. However, do you really think that any politician would ever risk poking that bees nest? Americans have 300MM guns and there’s about 50MM hunters who are reasonable shots. It’s one thing to have a shootout with an untrained insurgent, it’s another to exchange fire with someone who has the skills and equipment to make rapid accurate shots out past 300 yards. Yes, of course they (whomever they might be) would first try to disarm us. That would work for maybe two thirds of the public. That would leave about 15MM well armed American “insurgents” who would likely quickly organize. Yes, I get the whole drones and tanks argument. But a 15MM strong insurgent army? I wouldn’t want to take those odds. God Bless America and know when it’s time to make your stand.

  • General Jim M

    Remember the questionaire that Marines on a base in California were asked to answer? The one that found out how many of those Marines would shoot American citizens during mass gun confiscations.I think about 25% said they would shoot Americans,the other 75% said no.So,what do we do? we keep the 25% stateside and send the other 75% to warzones.Too bad the loyal American general staff can’t arrest treasonous high level government officials before the country is dissected.It is unfortunate that if Americans ever demanded their liberty and constitutional government,a huge number of soldiers and cops would shoot American civilians more readily than the Soviet army did during the fall of the USSR.I sometimes think that we switched places with the soviets.Of course they probably just kidding us,like China is.No military drills in US cities.America is not the enemy.

  • Jman

    Training in a major city becuase it is an unfamiliar city? B.S. They have facilities dedicated to this crap and they also have access to roll playing actors that can simulate what it is like when going across our seas invading..oh i mean occupying…auhh i mean Liberating other countries yeah thats it! Google/youtube dryfood shortage 2012 or 2011 and see how our government is buying up and have an order for 2 billion worth of mre’s/dry food??? What are they planning for? TWO BILLION DOLLARS WORTH OF DRY FOOD!!! why train in our own cities when instead of a mocked up one that we already have built? Question everthing/ Trust no one….. not even me until you look up and understand all the truths.

  • RG

    @ General Jim M; Bingo! We, er I mean the military has plenty of finances, property, & prebuilt facilities on those properties that they can & do conduct such training. SOunds to me that they’re getting the lay of the land if ya get my drift…

  • General Jim M

    C’mon guys,since when is Boston like Kandahar? I’m surprised that liberal Boston puts up with it.Perhaps it’s ok if a communi…..i mean democrat president is in power.It wouldn’t upset too many citizens in Massachusetts because they are used to a police state presence anyway.Lots and lots of cops up there.The government up there doesn’t like citizens to be armed but the cops get the best of everything,no expense is too great. I’m not anti-cop or anti-military but wargames in a major US city that is no where like a Afghani or Iraqi city is dumb.That is unless the military is practicing invading American cities.